Thursday, January 20, 2011

F This Movie! - Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace (Part 1)

Patrick and Mike pile on the first movie in George Lucas' much-maligned prequel trilogy and end up locked in a Star Wars cage.

Here's Part Two of the conversation.

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  1. Well, some prequels I would argue, work better than the originals. This may be a Hong Kong thing but three off the top of my head Infernal Affairs II, A Better Tomorrow II and III and 2046 (that's a view only some share). Also, The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.

  2. The reason that the prequel elements of Godfather Part 2 worked so well is that they weren't an afterthought. The DeNiro segments were part of the original narrative of the Godfather novel. That makes a massive difference when compared to a situation like this.

  3. When looking at the prequels overall I believe that (one of) the main problem is that it is really one movie. The character arc of Anakin is fairly solid (dialogue and performance aside), but each act of the three act structure is made into a separate film. 1) Introduced to a sympathetic character, 2) The character develops and we begin to see his flaws exposed as stresses increase, 3)character's weaknesses overpower him and he succumbs to the negative influences around him.

    It is one film, and potentially a fairly compelling one, think Dent in The Dark Knight.

    In making each act a separate film there becomes a need to create significant padding and to not allow the character to grow very much in each film.

    With the benefit of hindsight I would have preferred the three films to be made into one Episode, but to fall short of Anakin becoming Vadar or revealing his Dark Side to Obiwan. The other films could then deal with a dark anakin working within the jedi council and against Obi, or something, I cant wuite think of where to go from there without getting into the whole government stuff. Which is kinda the problem I guess.
    But at the end of the day I think the desired end point of the prequels should have been the end point of the first film. Nothing wrong with a film or two of a dark side anakin and an established empire.

  4. And as I think about this a bit more I think the collapse of the republic and rise of the empire could have been in the same one film too.
    Later episodes could have featured the republic trying to fight back and then reluctantly creating the rebel alliance when they are defeated.

    Sigh, so much potential story.

    possibly unnecessary story, but what story ever is "necessary"

  5. DISNEY BUYS LUCAS FOR $4+ BILLIONS! Episode 7 of "SW" saga coming in 2015 with more to follow every 2-3 years; new "Indiana Jones" movies also in the works. George Lucas stays on as 'creative consultant.'

    Yay, looks like George is finally freed from that "Star Wars" bubble you guys trapped him on! ;-)

  6. LOL! This is some ranting of epic proportion! Love it! Watch our for the wrath of the Bromley!

    1. Yeah, I was on a roll for that one. The irony is that I like Phantom Menace the most of the prequel trilogy.

    2. Hey Patrick, don't get me wrong, I LOVE that epic rant, it was hilarious! More please!

  7. I totally agree with the comment about those people who say George Lucas raped my childhood is pathetic. Get a life. That's just stupid. There is no way George has ruined Star Wars by making these films. If anyone is to blame for ruining Star Wars its Patrick. I can't watch Episode 1 at all now without Patricks voice saying "Are you an Angel?" In my head.

    "Now this is Podracing" uuuurrrrgggggg ;)

  8. This and part 2 not working. Looking forward to checking this one out.