Friday, April 8, 2011

Watchin' Trailerz with Doug (Week of April 4)

'Tis spring-hey, 'tis spring-hey. The grass is riz. I wonder where the flowers is? 'Tis spring-hey, 'tis spring-hey. The bird is on the wing-hey. That's absoid! The wing is on the bird!

The Hangover Part II
Release date: May 26, 2011

Hey tweeps! Sorry for not including this trailer last week. I know many of you (none of you) were DYING (not dying) to see it posted. You see, I write these things early on Thursday, and this thing must've been released Thursday night (dur!). Needless to say, I AM EMBARRASSED! Anywhoozers, I hope it was worth the wait!

[watching the trailer for the first time]

Uh, what?

Crazy, Stupid, Love
Release date: July 29, 2011

As an experiment, I'm just going to type whatever thoughts pop in my head while watching this trailer. Here goes (nothing)! 0:10: Julianne Moore is way more attractive when straddled by Amanda Seyfried. 0:15: Really? 0:29: Ryan Gosling should probably be in more movies. But... not movies like this. 0:50: Is THAT why his wife cheated on him? Because he dresses like a schlub and is a middle-aged dork? No other reasons? 0:55: Makeover montage! 1:00: Do people like Ryan Gosling's character really exist? Maybe, but probably... no. 1:02: A Velcro wallet? That just seems like lazy writing. 1:20: The slow-motion post-makeover walk-in -- this trailer has it all figured out! 1:25: Marisa Tomei is having a career renaissance playing drunk sluts. 1:30: Muse! OK, this trailer just got a little better, because that song is TOIGHT. 1:37: Another wise-beyond-his-years kid giving a GROWN MAN ADVICE? Ugh. 1:48: You just knew Julianne Moore was going to show up again, but is the marriage WORTH SAVING (#deepthoughts)? 2:04: AND Kevin Bacon? Where? Oh, there -- behind that naked chick. 2:16: Emma Stone's pretty great, but she also knows she is, which kinda makes that greatness less so. BUT, Ryan Gosling is, like, cut. From marble. He's gorgeous.

Green Lantern
Release date: June 17, 2011

This trailer isn't new (think it came out at the end of 2010), but I wanted to include it here because A.) I hadn't yet, and B.) Marvel just released a four-minute-long promotional preview, which you can view here. The footage is an abridged version of select scenes that premiered at WonderCon 2011 (I got that info from the video [I'm lazy]). HERE'S THE DEAL -- the embedded trailer (above) doesn't look all that great, IHMO (does the "H" mean "humble" or "honest"?). BUT, the extended version DOES pique my interest. MOREOVER, I know FOR A FACT it gives F This Movie! fan (and future contributor) Adam a GIANT BONER. He's likes the Green Lantern as more than a friend, if you know what I mean (you know what I mean). His e-mail address is oalantern(at) (as in Oa, the Green Lantern home planet [NERD ALERT!]), for chrissakes! Don't believe me? Go ahead and e-mail him! Kid won't shut up about Green Lantern. SHEESH.


  1. You are made of win.

    All of your comments made me laugh and helped turned a blah session at the 'puter into fun times, so thank you.

  2. Thank YOU, Dawn! You're too kind ... which begs the question, did my mom put you up to this?