Friday, September 23, 2011

Watchin' Trailerz with Doug (September 23)

Greetings all the way from sunny Napa Valley in Northern California! Have you seen Sideways? I have, and I think it's great! So that's basically what I'm doing out here -- touring backwoods vineyards, drunk-dialing my ex-wife and looking the other way while my BFF bangs Sandra Oh (classic Patrick). Before I left, however, I found the following trailers for you. Please enjoy them with some stinky cheese and dark chocolate, Pinot noir-style.

 Paranormal Activity 3
Release date: Oct. 21, 2011

Are you guys getting excited about Scary Movie Month[tm] yet? I know EVERYONE here at F This Movie! is. It's our favorite time of year (no DUR!), and there will be several special podcasts and website features (including the return of the F Horror Movies! Challenge) coming your way. Re: Paranormal Activity 3 ... this might be the first scary movie trailer I've featured so far this year (I'm not counting The Thing). Aaaand ... it looks, uh ... fine? I liked the first Paranormal Activity probably more than I should've, but I never got around to watching the sequel. In my defense, I DVR'd it (because that's how I do) in the summer, and that's just not the right time of year to watch horror films. This installment is directed by the same guys who did Catfish, another movie I enjoyed against my better judgment, so who knows? The trailer is effective, and ... oh, man I'm really having a hard time concentrating. I'll be honest with you -- I can't even focus right now -- I'm so excited about October!

Father of Invention
Release date: Oct. 14, 2011

And, just like that, I'm sucked out of my autumnal fantasy. I think Kevin Spacey needs to invent some sort of "zoo" (that plays music and takes pictures) in order to "get back on top." Cameron Crowe knows what I'm talking about. This whole thing looks like a big mess, and I'm not even sure who it's for. Inventors? Fathers who have gone to jail and are now seeking the love of their estranged daughters? John Stamos fans? It's also UNBELIEVABLE, and not in a, "Wow, that looks SO GOOD," kind of way -- I literally do not believe what I'm seeing. Eight years in a maximum security prison? For breaking people's fingers on a crappy, nonsense exercise gadget? I mean, I'm the last [first] person to question the logic of writer (and apparent egomaniac) Jonathan D. Krane, but did anyone analyze ANY of this? No? No one? OK then. Lastly, the "director" of this pile of poo is Trent Cooper. His last project? Larry the Cable Guy: Health Inspector. WTF, Hollywood?

Knights of Badassdom
Release date: TBA

One please! This trailer looks pretty great, so let's hope it turns out better than Your Highness (which was, let's be honest, disappointing and lame and BORING). Knights of Badassdom stars Steve Zahn (The Oneders!), Summer Glau (meow!) and Peter F-ing Dinklage (House of Lannister!)! How could this fail? PLEASE DON'T FAIL! Quick side note: F This Movie! contributor Erika went to college with Danny Pudi. And, while she's never admitted to doing so, I'm convinced they once held hands. #MarquetteFact

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