Tuesday, November 29, 2011

F This Movie! - F Everything!

Thanks to a broken laptop, Patrick and Doug scrap their original plans for a show and spend an hour talking about everything from the future of 3-D to Sylvester Stallone's botox to whether or not Marcia Gay Harden is prettier than Laura Dern. Also, a new contest is announced!

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  1. Congrats on turning lemons into lemonade guys. Fun podcast, except now that Patrick gets screener discs he won't be able to tell us if he would have sought out in limited release the films that have been made readily available to him (and, by default, everyone else in Patrick's life with access to his entertainment center). Would Patrick's opinions about "Rampart" or "Shame" be different if he had sought them out in the middle of a cold Chicago winter paying $10-12 for the privilege? Now that it's the mailman freezing his ass bringing the screeners over to Patrick's place we'll never know. :-P

    Congratulations also on having a baby Patrick. Doug could have been a little more tactful about revealing it to the world, but that hell... it's called 'F This Movie' for a reason. Great pic for this no-name podcast, the only other image that's made me laugh harder was the "Ramona and Beezus" picture for the 'F the Best Movies of 2010' podcast. Keep it up... (ahem).

  2. Actually, I think "Rampart" may be precisely the Gay James Bond movie title you're looking for.

  3. I agree with J.M. Vargas’ lemons into lemonade comment, you pulled off a great show.

    It was nice to hear the (all be it brief) praise of Blow Out and Michael Clayton; they’re both great films. Michael Clayton was one I thought of while reading the piece about underappreciated films you posted a few weeks back. If I bring it up in conversation most people have never seen it and only vaguely know of it. Looking at IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes it has good ratings on both, so maybe it’s just the people I talk with that don’t know about it.

    I still remember stumbling across Blow Out one night on the TV and it instantly becoming one of my favourite films. It’s one that I still watch whenever I notice it’s showing. John Lithgow’s performance really stayed with me; he’s just so creepy in it. Also, the bleak ending totally took me by surprise the first time.

  4. Well, that was pretty awesome, guys. I think I would enjoy the occasional format-less show from time to time, because I enjoy hearing you two shoot the breeze as much as I enjoy the structured topic-based shows. Maybe once every few month or two you could consider a conversation show? It's not everyone's cup of tea, I'm sure, but you should do whatever makes you happy. If that means taking a break from the rigid format every now and again (especially after episode 100) then I'd dig it.
    Anyway, Patrick congratulations on being a dad again, that's really great. Don't you just love the idea of strangers that you don't know hearing the details of your personal life? I kid, and hopefully the community that I see forming around the show isn't creepy, but is instead a warm bunch who appreciate the same things, are respectful of each other, and share the same interests. By the way, I'm watching you through your window. *zip*

    I think I had more to say, but I listened to this last week when it first dropped, and I am having trouble remembering all of my comments. I guess better to quit while I'm ahead than to do something like overshare in a comments threat, which I would never, ever do, particularly not in the post for "The Mist."

    Great stuff, gentlemen. I'll definitely make an effort to get an audio comment in for you guys for episode 100.

  5. Thanks, everyone! This was an experiment by necessity, so I'm glad people are digging it. I would love to do more shows like this in the future, especially if people seem to enjoy it. Even with almost 100 shows under our belt, we're still figuring out what the show is and what it can be, so it's always changing.

    J.M. - Hopefully, my opinions on smaller movies won't be changed just because I didn't have to go see them in a theater. While that will always be my preferred way to see a movie, I've been lucky to see some stuff that I might not have otherwise had access to thanks to screener season. At the same time, I don't think I like something more or less just because it took more effort to seek it out. Maybe I'm wrong, but I always try to approach a movie on its own terms, free from environmental issues.

    Stuart - Michael Collins is awesome. Every scene is good and interesting. I have some small issues with the resolution (it depends on a convention that I hate -- the 'secret recording'), but I can overlook them because I like everything else so much. And Blow Out is a masterpiece. I saw it years ago when I first started tearing through every De Palma movie, and I was amazed at how much more serious and skillful it was than most of his other movies. Love it.

    Heath - The 'zip?' Brilliant. And I actually really do like the idea of all of us strangers knowing so much about each other. That's been the best part of this experience -- we all got into it because we liked talking about movies with our friends, and now we've just had the chance to expand that circle and make new friends with which we can talk about movies. I love the community we've developed, even if it's still small (world domination isn't scheduled until 2012, along with no more pants peeing). I like podcasts where the only agenda is talking about movies, but I really like the way that our lives tend to bleed into the shows and the conversations with all the listeners. That's the way we all watch movies, anyway -- our experiences inform our opinions -- so it makes sense that we would all talk about them that way.

    And thanks everyone for the congrats on the new baby. I promise not to be all "Well, with the baby I'm not seeing any movies" in future shows. If this baby's first outing has to be at the opening of The Avengers, SO BE IT.

  6. gosh darn those broken download links...