Wednesday, December 28, 2011

F This Movie! - Erika's Favorite Movies

For the last show of 2011, Patrick talks to Erika about her favorite movies, the importance of empathy and what it's like to be a lifelong fan of one Thomas Mapother IV.

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Also discussed this episode: The Descendants, The Adjustment Bureau, Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol


  1. So funny. (Mrs. Bromley: How do you shit on something twice?) haha

  2. I was listening and liking this podcast until Erika mentioned her favorite movie. I've owned the Criterion DVD for over five years but haven't gotten around to seeing it (never quite in the mood for it) so I had to stop the podcast with 15 minutes left. Guess now I'm going to have to watch "TRT" before I can listen to the exciting conclusion of... Erika's Favorite Movies Podcast. Oh well, "Charade" is on the way so between Ahn and Erika this podcast is making me hustle. :-)

  3. HI J.M.! I hope you love TRT as much as I do!!! :) (And thanks for listening!) - Erika

  4. Great podcast as always but I gotta ask Mrs Bromley what was the joke about your box?

    Doug is always talking about his bonners!

    I want to hear a box joke?

  5. Hehe

    Now I know what true love is. True love is your wife making you watch cocktail. And you actually watched it ;)

  6. where is the Rollergirl picture ?