Wednesday, December 14, 2011

F This Movie! - Mark Ahn's Favorite Movies

In anticipation of our 100th episode, Patrick and Mark Ahn kick off the celebration by talking about five of Mark's favorite movies.

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  1. So I got it wrong about the audio clips then. I was supposed to send an MP3 of myself commenting on my favorite 'F This Movie' moments, not the clips themselves? Cue the jackass Bugs Bunny cartoon joke. :-) So, what am I supposed to do with the audio clips I was ready to send for "Star Wars Episode I," the 'Best Movies of 2010' (with endless "Ramona and Beezus"/GONG jokes) and "The Wolfman" podcasts? Again, cue the 'Sucker' cartoon gag from the Looney Tunes show. :-( Anywho, thanks for mentioning my name.

    I've been meaning to check out "Charade" for years but never mustered enough enthusiasm or trust to do a blind buy on it. Mark Ahn's enthusiasm for it has almost pushed me to blind-buy the Criterion Blu-ray from amazon. Creepy to think that, if Mark's kidnapping had been successful, his favorite movies would probably all be Asian flicks starring Jackie Chan (or, best-case scenario, one or two Wong Kar-wai movies) :-P

  2. No worries, J.M.! I really liked the MP3s you created, and had I been better prepared when we recorded this podcast I would have cued them up and played them. I say do it however you want. If nothing else, you could just write about the other picks you mentioned.

    Definitely check out Charade! It's on Netflix Instant right now, so you can see it before you do a blind buy.

    Thanks for all the entries, too! Keep them coming. There's a Rocketeer Blu-ray in the mix now!

  3. J. M. - Go out and buy it!

    Also, I love thinking of my alternate self movie preferences. I would like to think that I would watch lots of Zhang Yimou, if not Wong Kar Wai.

  4. Your "rss" feed/dvdverdict site and your blog don't match. The RSS feed contains : "DVD Verdict 985 - F This Movie! (The Halloween Franchise)" and this is the "Mark Ahn's Favorite movies" The previous title "Reindeer Games" is the same for both. I hope other podcasts aren't missing; because I have listened to both and they both are great.

    Thanks for a generally great podcast - its one of my two "keepers" on the topic of film.

  5. Quick observation - on cheesy "SciFi" before Star Wars; you mention the original Battlestar Gallactica. However it came out 2 years after Star Wars not before. IIRC it was made to capitalize on the popularity of Star Wars - and it was remarkably big budget at the time. (I just checked the wiki - apparently FOX thought there were enough similarities to sue about it ... believe it or not)

  6. Hey, Tacitus -
    Thanks for your comments! Sorry about the dual podcast confusion. Sounds like you're getting our RSS feed through our site AND through DVD Verdict (who also carries our show). Usually the episodes match up, but DVDV sometimes runs things out of order. No big deal. The RSS feed through our site is the most accurate and up-to-date one. You should still listen to ALL of the other podcasts at DVDV, though.

    As for the Battlestar Galactica error, that was just a mistake. It makes sense that it would have come after Star Wars, since it definitely feels like a cash in. Thanks for catching that, and thanks for listening!

  7. I had always listened to fthismovie podcast through the dvdverdict rss feed; in fact I did not realize there was another feed (other than the insidious itunes one). The only reason I noticed the difference is the "untimely" Halloween podcast and I specifically checked out the current podcast entry on this blogspot site. Anyway, changed the rss feed to this one. Thanks again for a great podcast and thanks for paying attention to your comments; not every podcast does.