Monday, January 16, 2012

Announcing F This Movie Fest!

To celebrate our upcoming 100th episode of the podcast, we're hosting our first ever F This Movie! film festival, F This Movie Fest!

We know that F Heads are spread out across the ENTIRE PLANET, which makes it impossible for us to all gather in a central location and have a proper film festival. So, we decided, why not have the whole thing take place online? It's the world's first (it is probably not the world's first) film festival to take place entirely on Twitter! MAKE HISTORY WITH US.

For the inaugural F This Movie Fest!, we're celebrating the 30th anniversary of 1982, Patrick's favorite movie year ever. All of the movies in the lineup will come from this classic year in movie history, and NONE of them will be The Beastmaster!

Here's what to do:
1. Secure a copy of all the movies in the lineup (titles will be announced in a few days; at least half will be available via Netflix Instant).
2. If you're not already doing so, follow F This Movie! on Twitter. If you're not already on Twitter, you should sign up! You can quit the very next day if you want.
3. Beginning at Noon on Saturday, February 4, we all start watching the first movie at the same time from the comfort of YOUR OWN HOME or wherever and talk about it on Twitter (just direct all your comments to @fthismovie and tag them with #fthismoviefest). It will be like a running commentary. A conversation. Just like WE'RE ALL IN THE SAME ROOM TOGETHER!
4. If you have to leave for a movie or can only participate in half the festival or whatever, that's cool! Just check in or out with us on Twitter so we know who's there and when. Hopefully, we can all do the full marathon, but we know that's not easy for everyone. Everyone who lasts through the whole festival will of course be honored on the show.
5. After we've watched ALL THE MOVIES together, we at F This Movie! will record our 100th PODCAST on which we'll discuss the festival, read some of our favorite tweets and, of course, announce the winners of the F This Movie! Win Our Stuff contest! This show is going to be EPIC.

The lineup and schedule will be posted later this week, so stay tuned!

We hope everyone will join us for the biggest thing we've ever done!


  1. OK, I'm in. Never been on Twitter but this is as good an excuse to get an account as any. Couple of suggestions/questions though:

    1. Is 'noon' meant to be 12PM Central Time (Chicago time) or 12PM Eastern Time in the US (11AM Chicago time)? Whichever it is, you may want to do a little research into what time 'noon' is in other time zones/regions of the world so you can post an approx. start time for them. Example (not accurate): 1PM ET, 6PM UK, 9AM Australia, etc. You know, help the people from outside the US participate in the fun by giving them an idea of when the festival starts in their part of the world.

    2. I'm going to guess "E.T. The Extraterrestrial" will be part of the festivities (per the picture above). Please clarify, for those of us that have the 25th anniversary double-disc DVD release, if we're doing the 'CG walkie talkie' or 'shotgun' version of the movie.

    3. No "Beastmaster"? I object! :-P

    Looking forward to the festival. Something tells me "Conan The Barbarian" and "The Thing" will be part of it, and any gathering of people talking about these two flicks is definitely worth attending. Later.

  2. Glad to hear you're in, J.M.! We're hoping for a good 'turnout,' so spread the word!

    Good call on the 'time zone' question; it is, in fact, Central time, and we'll be making that clearer in future advertising. Thanks for the catch. We'll also be sure to announce which versions of the movies we'll be watching. E.T. will NOT be included, I'm sorry to say, but at least one other movie will on which we'll need to be very clear.

    Programming the fest has actually been really tough, because there is SUCH an embarrassment of riches when it comes to '82. Some of my VERY FAVORITE MOVIES OF ALL TIME won't be included because we're constricted by dumb factors like what's available on Netflix.

    Be sure to let us know your Twitter handle once you sign up!

  3. Excellent and I'm in! (@josephfinn on Twitter)

  4. just and idea. Have you considered Ustream ( think), where you can stream either the fest or podcast live with video? Another podcast i listen to did that for their milestone podcast and it was a lot of fun, with the video and the chat window.

  5. Thanks! Great idea; I'll look into it!