Friday, September 21, 2012

Watchin' Trailerz with Doug (Sept. 21)

Tomorrow is the first day of fall. And you know what that means. #ScaryMovieMonth

Release date: Jan. 18, 2013

Holy FUDGE does this look creepy! And it totally worked on me! AaaaaAAAAaAahhhHHhh! At first I was prepared to undercut this trailer with some dumb comment about how it's "Presented by Guillermo del Toro," which, still, is a pretty silly advertising technique. Although, I guess with Eli Roth's Hostel, the "Presented by Quentin Tarantino" tag KINDA worked on me -- I saw it and I liked it! And Guillermo del Toro, like Tarantino, has such an excellent track record and carefully carved out niche of awesomeness that his association is bound to put some butts in the seats (so to speak). So, while I'm not the BIGGEST fan of ghost stories, this one looks effective. I just wish that the preview -- like all modern day horror previews -- didn't do that cheap, schlocky visual sting between the title cards at the end. We get it. You're super scary! But all the sequence did was remind me that you're FILLED with CGI. Finally, Jessica Chastain is way hotter with dark hair. Am I alone on this?

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey
Release date: Dec. 14, 2012

I featured the original teaser for this back in January. I'm not one to normally double-dip (this column is for NEW stuff, not longer versions of OLD stuff), but this trailer has been all the rage in the blogosphere (i.e., nerdodrome) this week. I tried to watch it (really, I did), but I couldn't get all the way through it. Seriously, SO BORED. If this is your thing, have at it.

Gemini Rising
Release date: TBA

Didn't we just see this? And didn't Patrick and JB rip it apart?

Stand Up Guys
Release date: Jan. 11, 2013

Stand Up Guys is directed by Fisher Stevens. You might know him better as the wacky Indian engineer (and Steve Guttenberg's assistant) in Short Circuit. Quite a departure from Ben Jabituya ("I am sporting a tremendous woody"), and I'm not sure I'm impressed. I mean yes, the movie has all the requisite weight and moody lighting and atmosphere -- how else do you convey prison life and aging mobsters and Christopher Walken ruminating on whether or not he should kill Al Pacino? But I just feel like I've seen it all before. It almost seems like a film based on a lifestyle that's only been gleaned by watching other, similar genre movies. And this could be totally the fault of the somber, humorless trailer. Maybe the movie is SO MUCH MORE (and I sincerely hope it is).

A Late Quartet
Release date: Nov. 2, 2012

I previously said I don't like to double-dip when it comes to trailers. However, I never mentioned anything about DOUBLE WALKEN. And that's what this week is: two Christopher Walken movies! And, in this film, it actually appears as though he's not playing a cartoon version of himself (which is very much appreciated!). A stellar cast, including Philip Seymour Hoffman, Catherine Keener ... Imogen Poots(?), offsets what could be a pretty stuffy story about elite musicians dealing with their own limitations. Or something.

Release date: Oct. 12, 2012

The preview started out so fun! Billiards and rock 'n' roll and bike riding and late night parties and smooching. Then it got all SERIOUS CITY. Confessions and slow dancing and folk music and the harsh light of day and counseling. UGH. If I were this movie, I'd just want to keep the party going! Screw tomorrow -- we live for TONIGHT! Aaron Paul is quickly becoming the latest "It" actor (due to Breaking Bad, no doubt), but he looks like about 1,000 other actors to me (including that undercover cop from The Chicago Code [I know you know who I'm talking about], Billy Lush), and I can never quite remember his name. And who can deny Mary Elizabeth Winstead's "tour-de-force" performance (an expression that really, REALLY needs to go away). I get that this is everyone's "Sundance" film (including drama heavyweight, Nick Offerman), but alcoholism is heavy business. I hope they treat it thusly.

Beautiful Creatures
Release date: Feb. 13, 2013

Just in time for Barfintine's Day!

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