Tuesday, January 8, 2013

F This Movie! - Our Favorite Movies of 2012

Patrick, Doug and JB learn about life, love and each other's picks for their favorite movies of 2012 in this very special super-sized episode.

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    BEST of 2010:


    10. The Town
    9. Black Swan
    8. How to Train Your Dragon
    7. The Fighter
    6. Kick-Ass
    5. Scott Pilgrim vs. The World
    4. Please Give
    3. True Grit
    2. The Social Network
    1. Inception

    10. Kick-Ass
    9. Shutter Island
    8. Scott Pilgrim vs. The World
    7. Howl
    6. Please Give
    5. Get Low
    4. True Grit
    3. The King's Speech
    2. The Social Network
    1. Inception

    10. Iron Man 2
    9. Exit Through the Gift Shop
    8. The Fighter
    7. The Social Network
    6. True Grit
    5. The King's Speech
    4. Scott Pilgrim vs. The World
    3. Inception
    2. Black Swan
    1. Toy Story 3

    BEST of 2011:


    10. TIE: Tucker and Dale vs. Evil/Hannah
    9. Captain America: The First Avenger
    8. Super 8
    7. Bridesmaids
    6. The Descendants
    5. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2
    4. Drive
    3. Young Adult
    2. Midnight in Paris
    1. Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol

    10. Sucker Punch
    9. Captain America: The First Avenger
    8. Attack the Block
    7. Super
    6. Cave of Forgotten Dreams
    5. 13 Assassins
    4. Midnight in Paris
    3. Super 8
    2. Drive
    1. Hugo

    10. Contagion
    9. Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol
    8. Warhorse
    7. Super
    6. Martha Marcy May Marlene
    5. The Woman
    4. Young Adult
    3. Drive
    2. I Saw The Devil
    1. Super 8

  2. Here's every movie I saw in 2012, ranked from worst to best. If it's not on the list I haven't seen it (going to see "The Hobbit" later today and, later in the week, "Jack Reacher" and "Not Fade Away"; doubt any of these would crack my Top 15).

    47. 4:44 Last Day on Earth
    46. The Man with the Iron Fists
    45. Cabin in the Woods
    44. Chronicle
    43. Hara-Kiri: The Death of a Samurai (3D)
    42. Hyde Park on Hudson
    41. Hitchcock
    40. Prometheus (3D)
    39. Anna Karenina (2012)
    38. Flying Swords of Dragon Gate (3D)
    37. Les Miserables
    36. Seeking A Friend for the End of the World
    35. Side-by-Side
    34. Wreck-It Ralph (3D)
    33. The Master
    32. Pixar's Brave
    31. Moonrise Kingdom
    30. Safe House
    29. Haywire
    28. The Secret World of Arrietty
    27. Take This Waltz
    26. Zero Dark Thirty
    25. Samsara
    24. John Carter
    23. Beasts of the Southern Wild
    22. The Amazing Spider-Man (3D)
    21. Skyline
    20. Damsels in Distress
    19. Men in Black 3 (3D)
    18. The Sound of My Voice
    17. Flight
    16. Rifftrax Live Presents: Manos: The Hands of Fate
    15. Argo
    14. A Late Quartet
    13. Cloud Atlas
    12. Rifftrax Live Presents: Birdemic
    11. Seven Psychopaths
    10. The Raid: Redemption
    9. Holy Motors
    8. Magic Mike
    7. The Dark Knight Rises
    6. Amour
    5. Looper
    4. Titanic 3D (3D)
    3. Django Unchained
    2. Lincoln
    1. The Avengers (3D)

  3. I love top 10 lists and top 10 shows, and this was a terrific one.

    I won't go into my top 10 movies of the year, as you said not to do that, but I'm very glad Argo was represented on everybody's list. Lets just say I really, really, really liked that movie and I align with Doug in my opinion of it.

    Furthermore, I am happy to hear Safety Not Guaranteed end up on Patrick's list, as I don't think it's getting the recognition it maybe should at this point of retrospection for being such a great little movie.

    Two movies I find interestingly left off from all of your lists, or even mentioned at all, are The Avengers and Skyfall. I still find both movies very entertaining and enjoyable. But I guess there isn't room for every movie on a top 10 list. Perhaps on a top 15 or 20?

    And finally, I haven't even seen Cloud Atlas, so perhaps I should get on that one. I think I listened to some of the naysayers' opinions of it and decided to skp it. However, I tend to agree with, or at least respect, Patrick's choices, so I think I'll give it a shot. Great lists, guys!

    1. Thanks John! As you know, this was a great year for good movies. And there were lots of quality films to choose from. While I can't speak for Patrick or JB, if the list was expanded to 15, I would probably include The Avengers (although Skyfall left me a little cold).

    2. Yes, both of those movies were super entertaining and a lot of fun to watch. There just wasn't room on the list, especially because some other movies stayed with me more.

      I recommend Cloud Atlas with tremendous caution -- it's not for everyone, and it would make sense if you're not crazy about it. But I appreciate you wanting to give a shot! That's all we can ask.

      Thanks, John!

    3. Fair enough. Neither movie would be at the top of my list either, I just had a lot of fun with both, and I think if there were a "most improved franchise installment" award, Skyfall would win handily. That's not to take away from the movies you did include, though. As I said, they were all very good choices.

      I think one aspect of Cloud Atlas that turns me off is its length. If it's not a movie for everyone, I am hesitant to invest so much of my time for something I might not enjoy. But then, I feel like that might be a closed-minded point of view and that it's still worth a look. I've wasted my time in worse ways, I imagine.

  4. By the way, this will kill JB; Mark Twain was friends with Edison and recorded on various occasions on wax cylinders. Unfortunately, it appears all of them have been lost in accidents and fires.

    1. Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh!

    2. This seems to be the closest we will ever get.


  5. My best of 2012 (movies released in 2012 and seen in 2012, honorable mention to Butter which I saw over the weekend and might have made the 10) (edited to add in Innkeepers, which I somehow left out.

    1. Beasts of the Southern Wild
    2. Django Unchained
    3. Moonrise Kingdom
    4. The Cabin in the Woods
    5. Bernie
    6. Argo
    7. The Avengers
    8. Skyfall
    9. The Innkeepers
    10. 21 Jump Street
    11. Return
    12. Goon
    13. The Secret World Of Arriety
    14. Chronicle
    15. Seven Psychopaths
    16. Brave
    17. Hunger Games
    18. John Carter
    19. Jeff Who Lives At Home
    20. Haywire

    Even ones at the bottom of the list I liked a lot; this is actually a pretty damn enjoyable year.

  6. 'Django Unchained' was easily my favorite film of the year. IMO, Tarantino can do no wrong. And sure it climaxes twice (as did I) but i wanted it to keep on climaxing (so i could as well). I didnt think QT's cameo was obnoxious, yea he's doing a terrible australian accent, but i thought his cameo was amusing. I dont think it's one of his best (better then 'Death Proof' and 'Reservoir Dogs') but i think it's one of my favorites from him. It would probably be #3 or #4.
    1.) 'Inglourious Basterds' (which is in my top 5 films of all time)
    2.) 'Pulp Fiction'
    3.) 'Kill Bill'/ 'Django Unchained'
    4.) 'Jackie Brown' (which might actually bump up to #2 or #3 next time i watch it. Cause i just recently watched it and man is that movie great).
    5.) 'Death Proof' (which i'm a huge defender of and glad you guys love it)
    6.) 'Reservoir Dogs' (my least favorite but i dont mean that is a dismissive way. It's still insanely great).

    Also 'Django' has my favorite use of music all year when Dr. Schultz and Django kill bounties and what not to Jim Croce's 'I got a name', awesome.

    P.S Patrick i would love it if you would post the article stating why QT's cameo is neceassary is 'Django'.

    P.S.S - Great show.

  7. Glad to see all the love for Django, Cabin, and Argo Fuck Yourself (which should be the title on the blu-ray box รก la Indiana Jones And The Raiders Of The Lost Ark), but forget about movies for a moment. I just wanted to say congrats to Doug on his impending tiny person! Also, Doug referring to James Franco's brother as "Barney Franco" forced me to pause the podcast momentarily because I couldn't hear it over my laughter. So what I'm saying is, 2013 is shaping up to be The Year Of The Doug. Please alter your Chinese placemats accordingly.

  8. 1. The Master
    2. Django Unchained
    3. Looper
    4. Cabin in the Woods
    5. The Hobbit
    6. The Avengers
    7. KIlling Them Softly
    8. Dark Knight Rises
    9. Moonrise Kingdom
    10. The Holy Mountain (getting to see it at midnight at the Music Box was a dream come true)

  9. Did anyone actually listen to the show? Save it for the Weekend Weigh-in, people.

    1. *cough*Ilistened*cough*

      Pardon me, I seem to have a cold.

    2. Which is why you get ALL the cookies.

    3. Excellent! I love me some cookies, but only if they're shaped like characters and objects from Top Gun and GoodFellas.

  10. I apologize, Patrick. You can delete my post.

  11. My new-to-movie for today:

    Peter Jackson's "THE HOBBIT" (2012) in IMAX HFR 3D: http://www.dvdverdict.com/juryroom/viewtopic.php?f=50&t=6028#p74487

    "Cloud Atlas" has got to be the most surprising pick for #1 picture that I've ever heard coming from 'F This Movie.' I blame Scary Movie Month, which sucks the oxygen out of discussion of any other movies besides horror from this site for an entire month, which this year robbed "Looper" and "Cloud Atlas" from the more thorough discussion they deserved. In 2010 we saw "Inception" coming, and there was no escaping Patrick's love for "Super 8" last year. Glad to see "Looper" got some love from Patrick and Doug, and the latter falling so hard for "Seeking A Friend at the End of the World" (which I loved last year when they were called "Another Earth" and "Melancholia") totally took me by surprise. Thanks for recaping the top 10 movies from each of you at the end, that'll be helpful for me next time around. :-)

    At the end of "Cloud Atlas" I felt exactly the same way Patrick describes in his podcast: touched, moved, exhilarated, thankful that the Wachowskis had cashed what few chips they still had to make their patented 'blockbuster meets high concept' formula and that, like "Speed Racer," this was meant to be misunderstood/hated by most and appreciated by few. Patrick obviously held on to this feeling, but I didn't because the more I thought about the movie (which I ended up seeing twice in theaters) the more portions, performances and inconsistencies kept dragging down my good memories of it. Then I saw "Holy Motors," a variation of the themes and meditation on the power of cinema/acting (done on a much smaller and independent filmmaking mindset), and "Cloud Atlas" definitely fell from my top 10 to make room for Leos Carax's masterpiece. I can't say that Patrick should see "Holy Motors" because "Cloud Atlas" is its own thing, but at the least he should give it a shot to see a variation of the same underlying principles and philosophies behind having the same actors wear different make-up and play different parts in different time periods.

    Wide variety of Top 10 lists going all around, which is a good thing. Can't wait for the weekend where I'll weigh in about my top 10. :-)

    1. There is a thin line between fooling around and being disrespectful.
      I dont like people taking advantage of politeness and kindness.

    2. Brad, what are you referring to?

    3. http://www.fthismovie.net/2013/01/weekend-weigh-in-what-movie-should-get.html#comment-form


      I might be out of line, and if so I apologize.

    4. Must say, I find this thread a bit disappointing. I mean, I guess I sorta could see how the lengthy review was maybe kinda inappropriate, but he stopped and now dude can't just mention what new movie he saw today?

      And even if we do find something someone says annoying, if they're not actively TRYING to annoy, wouldn't we just be better off keeping things friendly? That goes for life in general, but I mean, this place has always struck me as one of the smartest and kindest little corners of this hive of scum and villainy called the Internet - if your movie-related site's comment section's biggest "problem" is someone talking too much about movies, well, not much of a problem is it?

      Vargas, hope you stick around, and hope we can all just forgive and forget about this - we're all mates, right?

    5. Such a Canadian ...

    6. Thanks Anonymous - I almost I wish I wasn't Canadian so I could take that as a compliment instead of just a fact!

    7. No one is suggesting that Vargas leave. Everything is fine. But ok.

      And let's leave Canada out of this, everyone.

    8. Id like to just clarify before I drop this all together. The issue isnt what was being posted as such, it was that the owner of the site asked very politely for them not to be posted but that they continued to be posted. That, IMO, is the unfriendly aspect of it and disrespectful to someone who is nothing by polite and respectful. Its (hopefully unintentionally) taking the piss, and thats what annoys me.

      And as an aside, IMO I dont think it is unreasonable for an owner of a site to not want multi paragraph reviews of unrelated movies and repeated advertising of posts on other sites posted on their site, and this should be able to be expressed freely on his own site.
      Part of the kindness and friendliness of this community comes from respecting each other, and ignoring those requests is disrespectful.

      Now, back to your regularly fun, nice, jolly posting.

  12. It sure would be something to have QT on a podcast!

  13. My work day was refreshingly more fun than usual. Great show, really enjoyed hearing the breakdown of everyone's top 10 choices.

    Some thoughts:

    - "Cloud Atlas" is well worth seeing, and I agree with the sentiment that it's the "engine or the caboose". It was one of the most creative films i've seen in a long time, and I give it tons of credit for it's interwoven storylines, indeterminable cast beneath the make-up, and striking visuals. Unfortunately, it just didn't hold up as a film I enjoyed seeing, and came off as a maudlin, badly acted film. I admire Patrick's defense of the film, and can relate to wanting to protect it from criticism. That's the true true.

    - "Queen of Versailles" sounds really interesting. Like JB mentioned, it was at the Musicbox forever this summer, and I never took the time to look into it. Will be bumped up on my network queue.

    - "Skyfall" didn't make anyone's list, and I was really surprised, especially because of the glowing review some months earlier. I've never been into the Bond films, but it felt completely different than action films i've seen, and was totally enjoyable --I imagine it has a lot to do with it being Sam Mendes work too.

    - Really enjoyed the discussion on Tarantino's latest. There was a really interesting NPR interview with Tarantino recently, and some deeper questions about movie violence and real violence were discussed. Also, unrelated, but no mention of the kickass soundtrack!

    Hope you post the films for the Feb 2 show soon.

    1. This is what I love about our comments section. Rather than just "Your choices are garbage!" we get a reaction that's 'I can appreciate where you're coming from, but the movie just wasn't for me.' Thoughtful, measured response! We're going to break the internet.

      But thanks, Greg. I FULLY understand why the movie wouldn't work for people, but I appreciate you giving it a chance and recognizing that it's still worth seeing.

      I have been listening to the Django soundtrack for weeks.

    2. Indeed, why deliver emotional abuse online when you can save it for unsuspecting Starbucks baristas.

  14. Doug, you're not alone in disliking Beasts of the Southern Wild. I wanted to punch that movie. I want the Avengers to save Hushpuppy from the Bathtub.

  15. I had to shut down when you started discussing Queen of Versailles because I had to watch it immediately. An amazing documentary. I was expecting the film to villify these billionaires and have schadenfreude toward their downfall but instead I found it entirely balanced and capable of making me feel for these people. They are smart and articulate and candid with the filmmakers but they're also completely out of touch with reality. . And the scenes focusing on their nannies and housekeeping staff really moved me. Great stuff.

  16. I really liked how Doug had a different perspective on these movies. As someone who has a lot of friends who are "movie fans" it seems like their opinions all mesh together sometimes, especially when it comes to year end lists.

    Having said that, I actually think the three of you all had fair divergent opinions that made this episode really good. I saw most of the movies discussed, but the ones I haven't seen I'm now intrigued. Good job, guys!

    1. Thanks, Movie Guy! And welcome!

      I like when we have different lists, too, but it makes for a more interesting conversation. It's nice to be able to recommend 30 movies instead of just 10.

  17. Top Ten Lists, Schmop Schmen Schmists.

    Doug Is Having a Baby!

    Congrats mate and Yes, you can call it Brad (boy or girl, it all works)

    1. Oh yeah, forgot to mention that - congrats Doug - your boys can swim!

    2. Concur... Mazel tov, Doug! :-)

    3. Thanks guys (and all those above with kind words)! Prepare yourselves for lots of columns starting with, "AS A FATHER ..."

  18. Great lists guys - I was feeling like I hadn't seen that many new movies this year but was surprised that I had caught about 2/3 of you guys's combined lists so it looks like the ones I was watching were the "right" ones. Looking forward to catching up on the rest. Some comments on a few:

    Re Cloud Atlas - I'm glad to see that made someone's list - I didn't see it in theatres but the trailer spoke to me for some reason and I was already planning to "blind buy" the blu-ray. Based on the discussion I will do so with even more confidence.

    And you can put me down for someone who really liked Beasts of the Southern Wild - I can see how it wouldn't be everyone's cup of tea but I thought it was beautiful.

    The Queen of Versailles is fantastic - I thought going in that it would be purely an exercise in Schadenfreude but there is something about that lady and her (closeted gay) husband that made me feel more than just happy for their downfall. Hard to believe one family could be so representative of the multitude of problems facing America these days. It was just missing a gun nut...

  19. Whew! I'm only a third of the way through this podcast (which is great, by the way), but after the discussion on Lincoln I wanted to toss in a comment about another great Lincoln film, "Abe Lincoln in Illinois," starring the incomparable Raymond Massey. There's a scene that's just Massey giving a speech. If memory serves (I saw this on TCM about 2 years ago), the shot lasts a full 5 to 6 minutes without one cut as he delivers the famous "A house divided against itself cannot stand" speech. Awesome, awesome, awesome.

    And if I may go above and beyond the call of nerdiness, I'd like to point out that one reason for all the amputations in the Civil War (discussed by Shelby Foote in Ken Burns' documentary) is that the large lead minie ball would pulverize a large section of bone, making there no choice but to take the whole limb. Later wars saw the use of full metal jacket bullets that "clip" the bone, making it much easier to save the limb.

    Thank you. You may now pants me and shove me in the nearest locker.

  20. Gentlemen, this was a really good end of the year wrap up, and I do not generally like end of the year wrap ups, so that's really saying something. What usually tends to end up being an excuse to brag and look important when done by many blogs, entertainment sites, TV specials, and other, less enjoyable podcasts, is somehow pulled off in a charming, respectful and compelling way every year by you talented and handsome lot. Movies that I have totally dismissed through the year are now movies I clearly need to make it a point to see.

    My top ten list will heavily feature movies that almost exclusively didn't get mentioned on this episode, which I find to be really interesting. As has been said earlier, no Skyfall? No Avengers? NO EXPENDABLES 2, Electric Boogaloo?! Hopefully I can make my list interesting and thought provoking, but after hearing what was listed in this episode, I can promise it's going to be different. Hint: there will be mountains, and they maaaaaaaaay be misty. They may be lonely. They may be in a movie that has been largely enjoyed but quickly dismissed as a fun popcorn movie but one that really has much deeper themes and ideas under the surface. Yep, I'm talking about Journey 2: The Mysterious Island, featuring Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson.

    1. Oh, Doug! Congratulations, buddy. That's fantastic news, and you don't have long to wait. Seriously, that's fantastic.

  21. You know how Pixar has the 'Pixar Babies' credits at the end of every animated Pixar movie? Maybe 'F This Movie' can have an 'F'ing Babies' link on top (replacing, I don't know, 'CONTACT'? :-P) where all the babies born to 'F' heads (podcasters as well as listeners if they want to contribute) after May of 2010 can have their moment in the sun. All you have to do to get famous and appear there is to make babies, and even if you fail, wouldn't it be fun to try? Just thinkin' out loud here.

    1. I'm not sure the words "F'n Babies" are good to put together anywhere on the internet...

  22. Patrick, you explained who Francis Lawrence was by mentioning Constantine and I Am Legend. How can you forget his most impressive and iconic work? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yhCD9qxlczo

  23. Finally watched Cloud Atlas. It really struck me. Thank you Patrick for taking an unpopular stance and leading me to this gem.

  24. Sorry, Patrick, this download link also doesn´t work. Just downloaded 12 podcasts for next week. Still working my way through all the episodes...

    1. I don't know why all these old links are breaking on Archive's end. It's very frustrating. Thanks for letting me know. All the ones you mentioned should be fixed now.