Thursday, January 10, 2013

Mike's 10 Favorite Movies of 2012

No fancy writeups. Just my 10 favorite movies.

10. The Innkeepers

9. Beasts of the Southern Wild

8. The Cabin in the Woods

7. Lincoln
6. Argo

5. Moonrise Kingdom

4. Skyfall

3. Looper

2. Django Unchained
1. Cloud Atlas


  1. I guess the Oscars disagree with a lot of us. Or did we really imagine CLOUD ATLAS like JB said?

  2. Sweet - Patrick AND my brother from another lifetime ranking this #1 - really excited to see it now.

    Question re Lincoln: How much do you think one's enjoyment of this movie depends on whether or not they're American? Obviously I've enjoyed many non-Canadian biopics, but American Presidents are just so hero-fied (okay, I know there's a better, actual word for that but it's escaping me - help JB!) in American culture that movies about them may not always be that relatable to audiences outside that culture. I mean you guys have heard A LOT about Lincoln in your lives - I have not - so on the one hand, you're getting to experience stuff you've read about in a new way; on the other hand, I might be learning about some interesting shit for the first time, so maybe we'd just enjoy it differently? Get what I'm clumsily trying to say?

    1. That's a really good question, Sol. I would argue that Lincoln is less about the actual guy (though it certainly is about him) than it is about the passage of the 13th amendment. I know that doesn't really affect you guys, either, but you will probably be able to appreciate a movie that's about difficult political processes than about deifying a figure that doesn't have quite as much significance up North.

    2. Thanks Patrick - that is good to know and I think you're right - I didn't realize that was the focus of the film - I have a feeling I might like Lincoln a lot.

    3. Let us not forget, either, that most of the F This Movie! crew (sans Erich) hail from Illinois, the "LAND OF LINCOLN." My point is, we're biased. And by biased, I mean racist.

      But it's a good movie! Because BOY COULD HE HUNT VAMPIRES.

  3. How hot is Ben Affleck with that hair and beard? Where is the thread for this conversation? :)

    1. I'm growing (or at least trying... barely) to grow a beard for the first time in my now-40 years of age. Still not sure if it's because of "Lincoln" (fine set of beards on that one), Affleck's dreamy look in "Argo" (??!!) or just-plain envy of the bearded men of "F This Movie" that bring me joy on the podcast week in and week out. Because let's face it, Doug, Erika and Mark Ahn got in a FOP (Friend of Patrick's) clause but the primary requirement to be on "F This Movie" is to be keep alive the always-fashionable Tony Mendez look (or, in the case of JB, the "Toy Story 2"-villain-meets-Val Helsing dew).

    2. I can't boast of a beard like the rest of the crew, but I'm pretty damn scruffy. To the point where people would say "that guy has facial hair," but not "that guy has a beard." Alas, Asian-ness.