Saturday, May 18, 2013

Weekend Weigh-in: What Movie Are You Most Looking Forward to This Summer?

On our latest podcast, we looked ahead to the rest of this summer and discussed what we are most excited to see. Now it's your turn!

I'll bet it has some kind of CGI in it. Some blue CGI. Some small, blue CGI. And that it rhymes with Smurfs 2. Go ahead and say it. This is a safe place.


  1. Man of Steel
    Alan Partridge is in Alpha Papa
    This is the End (sorry, but I.....ah fuck it, I just wanna)
    Pacific Rim (because we gotta, right?)
    The Worlds End
    The Wolverine (This was originally a highlight for this year but I seem to keep forgetting about it recently)

    (post August Summer-style movies)
    Machete Kills
    Thor: The Dark World

  2. I think it's Man of Steel, but I'm now very nervous about the things I am looking forward to.

    1. You're not alone there. It's an odd feeling to have, but I'm trepidatious about movies that just a few years ago I'd have been nothing but excited to see. "Is it possible that we two, you and I, have grown so old and inflexible that we have outlived our usefulness?" -Captain Spock, "Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country"

    2. Short answer: yes
      Long answer: yyyyyyeeeeeesssssssssss.

    3. If it's alright with you, I'm using what you said in my column this week. It really resonated with me.

    4. Of course! And thank you!

  3. Ah crap. "Most". Reading is my second language. Sorry

    I'd say Man of Steel (Alpha Papa close second)

  4. Man of Steel - because you know... it's Superman.

  5. Yeah, Man of Seel is up there. Also, The World's End and Only God Forgives. Those are probably the top 3 at this point. Kick-Ass 2, Pacific Rim, Thor 2, White House Down and V/H/S 2 also seem to have promise.

  6. Fast & Furious Six (I’m hoping for the same type of good stupid action movie with a ton of real vechicles smashing into each other with just a little CGI that I got from Fast Five. Plus, Gina FREAKIN Carano is in it.)

    The Purge (It’s has an intriguing premise, but this could turn out be another horrible torture porn garbage flick.)

    Man of Steel (The 3rd trailer sold me on it. Michael Shannon is one of my favorite actors & I can’t wait for his take on Zod.) It looks like MOS is doing everything right that Bryan “Overrated” Singer got wrong with Superman Returns.)

    Pacific Rim (ME LIKE BIG ROBOTS FIGHTING BIG ALIEN MONSTERS directed by Guillermo del Toro.)

    Elysium (I want to see if Neil Blomkamp is the real deal & can hit another homerun like he did with District 9.)

    1. "Torture Porn Garbage Flick" sounds like a band that plays small clubs; none of its members have quit their day jobs yet.

  7. Either The Bling Ring or The Conjuring.

  8. Man of Steel (though I hope it's not as dour and humorless as the marketing suggests) and The World's End are the top of my list. I hope Fast & Furi6 is as much fun as the last one, too.

  9. After Earth (even with Jade in it, a Will Smith summer movie is still the safest bet for a good time at the movies).

    This is the End (because the trailer).

    Violet & Daisy (because the trailer part deux, as seen on 'Watching Trailers with Doug' :-)).

    The Bling Ring (Sofia Coppola gets an automatic 'will watch anything she directs' from me).

    World War Z (looks awful but Pitt might save it).

    Lone Ranger (Depp, Verbinski, 'William Tell Overture' in theater quality sound... 'nuff said).

    Pacific Rim (what "Battleship" should have been if it had been done by people that actually cared).

    Kick-Ass 2 (like Patrick said in the podcast, I'm cautiously optimistic).

    It's OLD SCHOOL KUNG FU WEEK kids, with a few extra reviews added just for the hell of it (all but one of the kung fu flicks was seen in 35mm print).

    5/13/13: Gordon Liu's SHAOLIN AND WU-TANG (1983)

    5/14/13: Chien Chi-Chung's SHAOLIN TEMPLE AGAINST LAMA (1980)

    5/15/13: Lieh Wei's ANGEL TERMINATORS (1990)

    5/16/13: Shan Hua's BLOODY PARROT (1981)

    5/17/13: Lo Ke's THE DRAGON LIVES AGAIN (1977)

    5/18/13: Titus Ho's RED SPELL SPELLS RED (1983)

    5/19/13: Chia Yung Liu's ODD COUPLE (1979)

    BONUS - 5/20/13:
    I can't believe Maria Schneider doesn't know it's not butter! :-O Bernardo Bertolucci's LAST TANGO IN PARIS (1972) on MGM-HD.

    (including additional one's for a bunch of Joe Dante movies).

  10. Looking at everyone's suggestions I'm pumped to see so many interesting movies coming in the next few months, but my single most anticipated movie is Man of Steel. I really like the first two Superman movies and all, but I have a good feeling that we might finally get the Superman movie we've all really been waiting for.

  11. The World's End
    Fast Six
    Pacific Rim
    Man of Steel
    Only God Forgives
    V/H/S 2
    This is The End
    The Purge
    The Hangover 3(I know, I'm awful)