Friday, June 28, 2013

Junesploitation Day 28: Free Space!

Who will survive and what will be left of them?

It's your last chance to watch any exploitation movie you want! For three more days, anyway, and then Junesploitation is over and you can watch whatever you want every single day of your life.


  1. The Evil That Men Do (1984)

    Well I just had to keep chasing that Death Wish 3 dragon and put on this Bronson vehicle. He plays a retired hitman who's hired to come out of the shady acres home and take out some scum who are torturing people in South America. It has some very graphic torture scenes that just felt gratuitous, say what you will about Jigsaw but at least his traps have a theatricality about them. Bronson doesn't get a lot of chances to be the tough guy and the movie just isn't much fun, only slight positive near the end of the movie pickaxeploitation.

    Only two days of Junesploitation left, its been a blast.

  2. American Mary (2013)

    A financially-strapped medical student(Ginger Snaps' Katharine Isabelle) gets caught up in the world of extreme body modification to pay the bills. Pretty soon, her skills make her in high demand. Saying anymore goes very much in spoiler territory, but I'll go out and say that this is the best horror movie of the year. Isabelle is great and the movie isn't a brainless gorefest either. Like "The Woman", it has more to say than you think it would.

    Since this will probably be my last post for Junesploitation, I'll say that this was a fantastic month! I'm glad that I got to participate more than I did for 30 Stars of Summer. Now I have even more movies to seek out, thanks guys. Really, thanks.

  3. Godzilla vs. Monster Zero (1965)

    I would never forgive myself if I went through all of Junesploitation without watching a single movie featuring the big G himself. I love Godzilla when he’s a fearsome killing machine (like in the original 1954 film), but I also love him when he’s an inadvertent do-gooder, protecting us puny humans almost in spite of himself. Here we get to see him go all Sugar Ray Robinson on King Ghidorah (easily the most badass of all the “villain” monsters Toho came up with over the years). There’s even a shot that shows Godzilla’s fancy footwork as he goes toe to toe with the nasty 3-headed dragon. And, of course, there is Godzilla’s victory dance, a moment that is both crazy and wonderful – I suspect the big G has a bit of Cossack in him.

  4. Ninja Death (1987)

    This is the greatest movie in the history of movies. Over the top, ridiculous ninja and samurai action. The main character's name is Tiger and he runs a whorehouse in China. when a Japanese whorehouse opens down the street, it means trouble. What Tiger is soon to discover, though, is that this new whorehouse is run by NINJAS! With tons of gratuitous nudity, sex, gore (eyeballs flying!), over the top masked characters with cool weapons and sped up (and never ending) fight scenes, This is like x-rated Power Rangers. Wait, it gets even better. The dubbing (which is also hilarious) starts out sounding like 30s and 40s American newsmen, but inexplicably, at the hour mark, it switches to people with English accents. They actually pronounce it "Ninjer." IMDB says this is because halfway through the dubbing process, the film was given to an English studio to finish. If anything, it makes me love this even more. It's a good thing Junesploitation is over in a few days, or my penis will NEVER heal.

    Ninja Death is on Youtube, although it's been stretched. If you Google it, though, you can find other streaming sources. And there were TWO sequels.

    1. You had me at "X-rated Power Rangers" (and then again at "ninjer"). I MUST seek this out!!

  5. THE BABY. What the %@&!! is this sick and twisted movie?!? John Waters looks at this and says, “Whoa, that’s a bit much.” (Diapersploitation)

  6. Fast Company (1979)

    (For the record, I watched Miami Connection last weekend, and everyone was so right about it! Loved it!)

    I liked this one more than I expected to, a remarkably straightforward bit of carsploitation from David Cronenberg, the man who gave us Crash (the sex with a leg-wound one, not the Rodney King fever-dream one). It's about racers on the Funny Car circuit, a subject that holds no interest for me, but it stayed compelling the whole way through thanks to good performances (particularly John Saxon as an unscrupulous manager) and clever staging. Fun soundtrack, too.

  7. The Apple (1980)

    Not a great pick for Free Space day. Early Cannon movie retells the story of Adam and Eve as a disco musical. Crazy and bad in a way that could be fun had I been in the right mood for it, but didn't land with me today. Even the presence of Catherine Mary Stewart didn't help me.

    1. I watched this for the rock n' roll day. I share your pain.

  8. Unleashed (2005)

    Okay this might be pushing it, but I've been sitting on a small pile of blu-rays that I haven't had time to watch and this was the one that seemed most appropriate. I'd call it Musicsploitation as that's sorta the thing the story revolves around.

    I really liked this - your mileage may vary but with Jet Li, Morgan Freeman and Bob Hoskins how bad could it possibly be? Maybe not quite as much fighting and some people might hope for, but Li makes up for it with an amazing Black Labrador impression for the first third of the movie. Intrigued? Watch it!

    I'm out of town for the weekend so it's over and out for me and Junesploitation! What an interesting and educational month it's been - really good job everybody!

  9. Inglorious Basterds (2009)

    Using the flexible rules today.

    This has been my least favourite Tarrantino film, and in that I think I am in the minority. I watched it today to give it another shot to try to see why it is some peoples favourite (or close to the top). Now, dont get me wrong, least favourite Tarrantino is like my least favourite blow job, Im still glad I got and I still rank it up amongst the better experiences Ive had.
    Im keen to have, or hear, a discussion about this movie. I think the extended scenes, while I like the idea and the ambition, dont gel well enough with the exploitation content for me. or it may be that the Basterd's plan kind of seems redundant due to Shoshana's plan (although they do clearly compliment each other). I really dont know. One othing I do know is that I dont like Eli ROth in this movie. Get off of my screen! Ill keep returning to it to see if it grows on me any more and just to enjoy what I get out of it so far. But at the end of the day I think it is the my least favourite of his movies and doesnt hold a candle to Django (damn near perfect) or Jackie (Motherfucking) Brown (sweet, sweet Jackie Brown).