Friday, June 21, 2013

Watchin' Trailerz with Doug (June 21)

For the last round of #Junesploitation trailerz, let's dive into some Fun Factz[tm]!

How to Stuff a Wild Bikini
Release date: July 14, 1965

Teensploitation! Fun Factz: released the same year as Beach Blanket Bingo! Annette Funicello, who stars in both, was pregnant during filming! F-ing Buster Keaton is in this thing! Back to the Beach from 1987 reunited Annette and her 1960's costar, Frankie Avalon! Aimee Mann provides a song for Back to the Beach! Aimee Mann was in The Big Lebowski with Julianne Moore, who was in Crazy, Stupid, Love with Kevin Bacon!

Black Caesar
Release date: Feb. 7, 1973

Fred Williamson! Fun Factz: Fred Williamson went to Northwestern University, speaks fluent Italian, is a trained architect, appeared in the October 1973 issue of Playgirl, has black belts in kenpo, karate, and tae-kwon-do, and played for the Kansas City Chiefs in Super Bowl I! I could've picked any number of other, arguably BETTER 1970's Blaxploitation films starring Fred Williamson, but I didn't want to use the N-word in this column!

Long Weekend
Release date: March 29, 1979

Ozploitation! Fun Factz: I know nothing about this movie! I only picked it because I didn't want to go with the OBVIOUS choice of Mad Max or The Road Warrior! You're welcome? I mean, you're welcome!

Streets of Fire
Release date: June 1, 1984

Rock 'n' Roll! Fun Factz: this is a movie Patrick loves! Funner Fact: tonight IS what it means to be young!

Trick or Treat
Release date: June 1, 1984

'80s Horror! Fun Factz: the full movie is available here! This was released the SAME DAY as Streets of Fire (above)! Marc Price is the HERO of this movie! You might know Marc Price better as Erwin "Skippy" Handleman on the sitcom, Family Ties! Ozzy Osbourne and Gene Simmons (of Kiss) also make special appearances! This film features a heavy metal lead singer who can shoot lightning bolts from his hands! Yet, because it takes place on Halloween, the movie is weirdly called Trick or Treat, which makes it nearly impossible to remember in casual conversations!

Ghost Brigade
Release date: March 7, 1993

War! Fun Factz: WTF is this movie (and I say that HAVING SEEN IT one night on cable [because WAR])? Wait, that's not a fact ... um, on IMDb, this is titled Grey Knight! Better. It stars Corbin Bernsen, Billy Bob Thornton, Ray Wise, Matt LeBlanc (in his feature film debut) and [wait for it] "Academy Award-nominee" [only NOT] Martin Sheen! This movie is probably where they got some of their ideas for Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter! We probably all need to watch this next week!

Release date: January 1979

Monsters! Fun Factz: I first saw this movie with my MOM! I also watched Dead Alive with my mom! The other day, my mom made me COOKIES! You are now jealous of my relationship with my mom!

Lucky Seven
Release date: 1986

Free Space! Fun Factz: you are in charge of your own destiny, and you can choose to do whatever you want this day! HOWEVER, I think you should watch Lucky Seven! DO IT!

The Beastmaster
Release date: Aug. 20, 1982

Peplum! Fun Factz: the Chicago Bears won the Super Bowl in 1985! In the summer of 1986, my family went to Bears' training camp in Platteville, Wisc.! Being only eight at the time, I couldn't participate in many of the fan activities, such as a 16-and-older barbecue! So my sister and I stayed with some friends who lived in town! In their basement, we watched The Beastmaster on VHS! I had never seen it before, and my mind was blown! But I don't remember anything about it (aside from ... ferrets?)! What I'm saying is, I'll probably watch this movie again, despite it's rather tenuous tie to the sword-and-sandal genre! And doesn't the Beastmaster himself (Marc Singer) look a lot like Peter Scolari? Phantasmagorical is a word! FUN FACTZ!

The Postman
Release date: Dec. 25, 1997

Post-apocalypse! Let's dispense with the Fun Factz for this one: I just want to take a moment to thank all of you for participating in #Junesploitation! I hope it was as fun for all of you as it was for us. I watched a ton of stuff I'd never seen before, and now I have even more recommendations from all you good people. I think the interaction in each day's comment section was the best! So thanks for that! And in the end, the letter you mail, is equal to the letter you receive.


  1. Wow - that Long Weekend trailer - I came for the sideboob, I stayed for the bat-shit (and wombats)! I want to watch that somehow.

    And yeah, that pesky N-word...I'm going to the video store this afternoon - any suggestions on how I should go about asking if they have Boss N****r? It's like, I want to sound like a cool movie guy and just ask for it all nonchalantly, but my throat kind of catches on that word whenever I say it without a Southern accent.

    1. Sol, if you really want to stir things up at the video store, you could ask for the epic conclusion to the N****r Charley Trilogy. There were three of them, but only Boss N****r seems to have been released on DVD. Which makes me sad. So many of Fred Williamson's movies seem lost. At least in any watchable format.

    2. Legend of N****r Charley is worth trying to get your hands on, but Soul of N****r Charley isnt worth a damn really. Boss is good though.

  2. Lucky Seven seems like a How-to guide for child physical abuse and beating women.