Friday, July 12, 2013

Watchin' Trailerz with Doug (July 12)

I'm back [FINALLY, rightyouguys?] with new trailerz this week. Spoiler: some (all?) are not the best!

Saving Mr. Banks
Release date: Dec. 13, 2013

I like Tom Hanks. I like Walt Disney (both the man, and the EVIL megacorp). I like 1960s' period pieces. So why do I find this trailer a little ... boring? Staid? Uptight? Is it because it's directed by John Lee Hancock, he of the sappy/crappy The Blind Side fame? Perhaps (it is shot SO UNINTERESTINGLY). I'm not necessarily looking for a straight Walt Disney biopic, and this movie is most decidedly focused more on the Mary Poppins origin story. But still ... such an opportunity for a fantastical look at one of the most interesting men in modern American history (even Mervyn LeRoy called Walt Disney a genius), wasted. OR NOT! It's too soon to tell from this snoozer of a preview. SupercalifragilisticexpialiDougSchultz!

Release date: Oct. 25, 2013

This red-band trailer just [mmm] DROPPED, and it's already getting tons of hate from fans of the original 2003 Korean film by Park Chan-wook. Which I guess is warranted. If you make JUST ONE Miracle at St. Anna, your reputation is irreparably damaged, it seems. But this doesn't look, like, THE WORST, does it? Could be a good joint, iswhatI'msaying.

The Canyons
Release date: Aug. 2, 2013

Don't let the thumbnail suck you in. THIS DOESN'T LOOK VERY GOOD. Do you think the writer of Taxi Driver and American Gigolo is like, "Yes! I've finally arrived!"? And costarring pornstar James Deen? He of the Teen Mom sex tape? Yes. The answer to those last two questions is yes.

Release date: Aug. 16, 2013

WTF is this? I want to NOT dislike (double negative much?) Ashton Kutcher (why? I honestly have no idea), but then he just Kelso's up EVERYTHING. And that's not even the problem with this preview. The problem is that it's a JOKE, right? Like, horribly put together and overly dramatic and silly, right? IknowI'mnotalonehere.

Thanks for Sharing
Release date: Sept. 20, 2013

There's only one reason to see this trailer, and I'll save you a bunch of time by just posting a GIF file of that scene here (slightly NSFW?). You're welcome.

Release date: July 11 (YESTERDAY!), 2013

This is a thing? This is a thing. #dodougsjobforhim


  1. Sharknado- "This summer staying out of the water won't save you"

    1. One more for Sharknado "In a small way, this is a Steven Spielberg movie"

      As for real comments, I am interested to see Saving Mr Banks, starring Tom "Everybody loves me" Hanks as Disney. I would give this movie a lot of credit if it sticks to the fact that the writer of Mary Poppins hated how the movie version came out.

  2. Sharknado - The Peach Pit is about to get Shark-tastic!