Thursday, September 19, 2013

F This Movie! Episode 7

Are you ready for some football (movies)??


  1. You should probably see Rudy, Patrick, just so you can say you've seen it. That being said, I've seen it once or twice, and I think I'm good. But sports movies aren't really my favorite genre, anyway. I think I'd rather just watch real sports. Another football movie that I seem to remember liking when I saw it was Invincible, but I don't think I ever need to see that again, either.

    1. My last two years in college (1993-95) I ran the campus TV station's film department and hosted a weekly 1/2 hr. TV show about movies. It was a pretty big deal because I had a big budget (about $25K per semester) that had to be allocated to a movie schedule of 2 movies per day rented from companies that specialized in loaning prints of movies to campuses across the country (like a rental house for public exhibition). I had to order the movies ahead of time so we could get them a day or two before airtime and then shipped back to the company the next day. It was like being the programmer of a real TV station (choosing themes for the week, pairing two movies, etc.) and a senior schlepper (writing/producing/hosting/editing a TV show mostly by myself, shipping movies with UPS slips non-stop, etc.).

      Anywho, we did a sports week and of course we showed "Rudy" (which is a fine movie but nothing about it really stands out) and the studio that released it, probably because they had stacks of them, sent me a huge box with about 100 full-sized "Rudy" posters. We had that box in the hallway outside the TV station hoping people would take them but after a week only two posters were taken. We eventually did a scene for the college TV show of my friend, comedian Brian Scolaro (who has gone on to a decent TV career), in which we covered the walls and floor of the studio with the Rudy posters and called it "The Rudy Room." It was a kill room for mobsters, who'd wrap the dead body with the "Rudy" posters and then cover the empty spots with, yep, more "Rudy" posters. Good times. :-)

      BTW, is anyone else tuning into these 'F This Movie' video shows just to see what movie-themed shirt Patrick will be wearing? I want to think the shirt Patrick wears has something to do with the theme of the show, but so far they're like the tracks on the railway: parallel to each other without ever intersecting.

    2. My Dad doesn't like Notre Dame football so Rudy was a video nasty in my house growing up. It was one of my flipper movies like Basic Instinct or Robocop where I would stand by the cable box and watch the movie and then flip like crazy to a different station when I heard someone walking around. I like Rudy because it's a good movie but I also like it because I feel like a rebel-badass when I watch it.

  2. Ray Finkle from Ace Ventura with laces out

  3. For kickers, I think that Kid from Class Act is going to have a hell of a year.

    The best part of the football season for me is that I can see movies like The Weather Man with a crowd of old ladies because the Bears are on.