Wednesday, October 2, 2013

F This Movie! Episode 9

The boys celebrate the start of Scary Movie Month with a song.


  1. I am speechless and in awe of how awesome that song was. Bravo! And happy Scary Movie Month, guys! You're truely the best!

  2. Final Boy

    Brilliant work gents. The skills just keep on coming. No funny comment was damn good.

  3. I heartily agree with what everyone else is saying..."Final Boy" was inspired and hilarious. Love it!

  4. My computer froze the picture a few seconds from the end, giving it the perfect '80s still shot ending. Did you plan that?

    Helluva song, fellas. Love that Doug's rocking a Takemine—as in "take mine heart"

    Can't wait to hear your horror anthology-themed song, Suite: Judy Bloody Eyes.

  5. Ha! Nice job guys - I didn't realize you were musically inclined as well (let's see - writing, playing music, watching movies, being husbands/fathers - when the hell do you guys find time to masturbate?!).

    Can I try out for your band? Suggested name: Two Beards, Three Guitars

    1. Ill try out for the drummer of "Beardy, Beardy, Beardy and Doug"

  6. First Bob and David going out on tour again, now the YesMen reunite?! Whatayear!

  7. love the song

  8. 'Amy Steel you stole my heart!'

    'Lisa Wilcox, you're a stone fox'

    I literally went 'awww!' outloud those two times, which is awkward because I'm in a crowded MacDonalds in midtown Manhattan enjoying a Big Mac and free WiFi. :-)

    Great song guys, great show. Let's see how happy and full of life and energy you are by the end of the month though. That's when I really want to see you try to sing a happy song. ;-P

  9. Great song guys, would go along perfectly with Weird Al's Nature Trail to Hell in 3D.

  10. This song has been stuck in my head since yesterday!