Tuesday, June 24, 2014

F This Movie! Episode 21

Look who's back!

Episode 21: Everything is the Same


  1. The "always the same" bit reminds me of two divorced parents trying to placate the children... please stay together Internet Mummy and Internet Daddy! I'll be good, I promise!

    In all seriousness, good to see you, Doug and I hope all is going well with the big move. Have you been watchin' any trailerz recently?

    I'm trying to not get too excited about anything this year - if only to avoid the disappointment that usually follows. Even movies I was keen on at the start of the year (X-men: Days of Future Past, How To Train Your Dragon 2) haven't really left a lasting impression on me (they're FINE). However, Boyhood sounds like it will tick the boxes for me this year. Call me cautiously optimistic.

    1. I second Boyhood. I love the trailer to death for some reason (I think it's the song), and I've read lots of great early buzz. Plus, the idea of this kind of experiment on film combined with the fact that Linklater is a director I like a lot should yield positive results.


    Doug. check. Trailerz. check. Ahhhh, so this IS F this Movie after all.

    Cameron Diaz is in the same category as Sandra Bullock. "Things that Patrick is wrong about". In all fairness, it is a small category.
    Dawn of the Planet of the Apes looks Fantastic, which is a little weird considering that its basically Battle for the Planet of the Apes which shouldnt get anyone excited. But Im an unapologetic Rises fan, so im down like a donut.

    Good to see you back Doug.
    Patrick, never undo his leg chain again.

  3. Hey! Doug and Patrick together again! That's a day-maker right there! Good to see you Dougie-Boy! Nice haircut Patrick!

    Pleasantries aside, I didn't much appreciate your "always the same" comments - I've been trying not to toot my own horn about the miracle of creation I'll be bringing into the world, but I'm faced with going from 0 children to 1 children - I'm not a mathemagician or anything, but that's a change of INFINITY-times more children! That's a lot of NOT THE SAME and it's freakin me out and I don't need you two goofballs with your perfect unchanging lives drawing attention to it!

    That being said, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes! Woo! Guardians of the Galaxy! Woo! A few other things you mentioned! Woo!

    In all seriousness, great to see both your smiling faces again!

  4. You prefer green Zoe over Blue Zoe? Ummmm, I'm calling bullshit.

  5. Good to see Doug back. Life without trailers feels empty.

    Begin Again is a charming, warm-hearted story with good performances. It gets a little off track when trying to comment on authenticity in the music industry, but works well when focused on the arcs of the two main characters

    I am disappointed that Jupiter Ascending got pushed out, but hopefully it is for the better. Seems like sci-fi budgets require unrealistic revenues to break even.

  6. Nice to see you back Doug. The summer ahead actually does look pretty good for the most part (except Transformers ugh) I gotta say the more previews I see Dawn of the Planet of the Apes might be the one I'm most excited about and I loved Rise of the Planet of the Apes. As for Cameron Diaz I will agree with Patrick she's never been ugly or looked bad in a movie but she has done some garbage movies (this years The Other Woman for example).

    If you really want to mix it up you should shave Patrick and then Doug grows a beard for the next f this movie episode.

  7. Great to see Doug again, I am cautiously optimistic and hoping that at least a few things coming out will be really good but you never know, they could all suck! For instance I really want to see Land Ho, so I hope I get a UK release date soon.