Wednesday, September 17, 2014

F This Movie! - Desperado

Patrick and Doug are back to settle a score with someone. Anyone. EVERYONE.

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  1. Hi f heads this is Tom Bartman just wanted to send a line out if any f heads wanted to meet up I'll be at the musicbox at 5pm for the one I love screening. Also great to see a desperado podcast I always had fun with that flick

  2. Im gonna watch it tonight. Listen to the podcast tommorow then I'll be back to join the fun in comment's

    Ps im watching it on Superbit Dvd. Pure performance. Its the only Superbit I own. It's like a pre bluray higher resolution dvd format if anyone else has some. Its kinda cool. DTS Sound too

    1. I own one Superbit DVD ("Panic Room") and rented/seen others, and while the picture/sound is slightly above-average from regular DVD it's an incremental boost at best. The worst Blu-rays (i.e. Echo Bridge stuff) probably don't look as sharp as the best Superbit DVD, but the average-to-better Blu-rays trounce all Superbit DVD's, hard.

  3. I Agree JM. Desperado on Superbit for a Dvd from 2001 looked really nice. Not as good as new films on Bluray now but its a nice step in the right direction. And its nice to get DTS sound. For me much better than Dolby Digital when played through a decent system.

  4. The film played well last night. It felt a little long and tighter editing could of helped a little. I also really enjoyed the Chemistry between Antonio and Salma. A film with those two having fun and being able to rift from each other would be brilliant. They are great together.
    The speed of thought process is very interesting and I think were on the same level here. A film needs to be flushed out and thought about a lot more when its a bigger budget film. The speed of thought is possibly more usefull on a budget film only. To steal a favourite quote from Stephen fry. He uses the term "Thoroughly Thought Through" this is more apt for bigger budget movies I feel. You dont use every idea as soon as you have it. That won't work as a movie
    The others stars of this film that im very surprised did not get a mention in the podcast are Salma hayeks Boobs.

    Did I thank you for a really good podcast?

    I will.....

  5. I watch this movie with a big grin on my face and I think it is filled with fun with so much to like. Particularly Salma and Antonio, the look, the feel and some of the editing and use of camera. I like you guys really hope for another reunion of Salma and Antonio that isn't Puss in Boots!

  6. Oh dear. I totally forgot about Puss in boots. Sigh......

  7. Patrick, Once Upon a Time in Mexico was my first-ever Robert Rodriguez joint, so its reversal of Desperado's happy ending didn't stop me from loving it. And I understand your displeasure with said plot point, but if you can somehow come to terms with it - say, by considering it a false vision of another reality (TNG's "Parallels", after all, teaches us that every possible outcome of every possible event actually does happen in some alternate dimension), I think you may find that it's perhaps his best film. The characters are vivid and engaging, the pacing is terrific, the great gags keep coming throughout (whereas Desperado tangibly sags in its third act), and the well-crafted story's satirical caricature of how the US has historically treated Latin America is... wait for it... actually somewhat sophisticated. Yep, I just said Robert Rodriguez made a "somewhat sophisticated" movie: I'll show myself out the door.. but I still think OUaTiM deserves a second look. (And, what with the current troubles in said country, reaching even the president's palace, now is surely as timely a moment as ever.)