Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Where the F is Doug? #24

by Doug Schultz
No more The Desecendants. No more Hawaii. No more fun. Back to work.

This fa├žade (and corresponding interior) have been used in quite a few movies and TV shows. I'm looking for one film in particular that's near and dear to F This Movie's heart. You guys are so good at guessing these locations, that I'm going to skip an introductory clue. Also, apologies for the busy shirt/tie combo (CORPORATE MUCH?) -- that stripey pattern makes for a lousy pic :/

Try to guess without using Google!

As always, please post your guesses in the comments below. If you can find a matching movie still or video that features this location, great! Share that as well. If you're stuck, I'll post clues throughout the day.

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Good luck!


  1. My first thought was the record store from High Fidelity (actually on Milwaukee Ave here in Chicago) but since you're back at work I assume this is in the LA area. Also, there's a turret on the corner of the High Fidelity building.

  2. I'm thinking record store as well - Empire Records?

  3. Here's a clue: in this establishment, four young men (plus a young woman) discuss the potential name of their group with another young man sitting nearby.

  4. Mark Munson got it -- this is Watson's [Rexall] Drugs from That Thing You Do! (1996), shown here and here, located on East Chapman Avenue in Orange, CA.

    In the soda shop, Jimmy, Lenny, T.B., Chad and Faye debate the band name (going back and forth between The Echoes, The Chordvettes, The Tempos, The Heardsmen and The Band You're About To Hear), while Guy/Skitch (Erie's lone beatnik) sits nearby at the counter.

    The parking meter jumping sequence (in which Chad breaks his arm) was filmed across the street right where I was standing for my pic.

    Downtown Orange is home to most of the real-life sets from TTYD (Patterson's Appliances and the Army-Navy Store, for example, are right around the corner), but I thought this building was the most recognizable (maybe I was wrong?).