Friday, October 30, 2015

F This Movie! - George Romero's Dead Series

Patrick and Mike close out #ScaryMovieMonth with their annual franchise podcast, this year looking at the great George Romero's six zombie movies.

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Also discussed this episode: Unfriended (2015); The Fly (1986); Pieces (1982); No Telling (1991); Goodnight Mommy (2015);


  1. I am very excited and sad that this podcast is upon us. It's my favorite podcast but it also marks the end of Scary Movie Month. I have to once again congratulate you guys on an awesome month. You've turned my favorite holiday into my favorite month. I'm sure this podcast is going to be great because they always are. I'm sad I have to wait 11 months to do it again but it's worth the wait. Thanks again, guys!!!

    1. I'd like to second everything Brent said. This was my first official Scary Movie Month, and it turned my favorite month into something so much better. I'll be coming back every year. Thanks to everyone at FTM for all of their hard work. This shit is no small feat to organize and keep up with! You guys have brought so much joy to so many F-heads.

  2. Dear God I laughed so hard at "Shatner eats pudding like a date rapist" that I woke up my dog. Now I guess I have to see Visiting Hours if for no other reason than to see his rapey technique.

  3. Not to be a Harry Connick, Jr.-level copycat, but I must echo everything Brent said above. As always, you crushed it throughout Scary Movie Month with gallons of excitement, blood, enthusiasm, blood, fun, and blood. While I'm sad to see SMM come to a close, I'm always excited for what's next and hey, F This Movie Fest is a mere season (of the witch) away!

  4. I had just thought the other day that I would love to hear you guys do this one, but knew it was too late to email you to suggest it. Can't wait to give this a listen.

  5. Great podcast guys, this too is my favorite podcast of the month, always great to hear from Mike (he's the man, man). I already can't wait for next year's "Wrong Turn" franchise podcast!