Wednesday, June 8, 2016

F This Movie! - He-Man vs. Author

Patrick and Doug talk about Junesploitation and some of their favorite exploitation movies.

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  1. I like when there's an F-everything podcast that has a crazy title. You go into it confused, and leave laughing.

    Just like sex.

  2. Thoroughly enjoyable show guys!

    So who has some Nazi day suggestions? I google nazi exploitation films, and it seems everything had the word "orgy" in the title. Preferably not porn, not Dead Snow, and not Indiana Jones. What's out there that's great? Thanks!

    1. Wait.... I just found out my local DVD rental store has the original 'The Inglorious Bastards'. I may have solved my own problem. haha

    2. The Inglorious Bastards is a 1978 exploitation film that is very entertaining.

    3. Well, sounds like I'm set then. haha

  3. Michael GiammarinoJune 8, 2016 at 11:50 PM

    Pertaining to giallo films, the way I've always described what a giallo is to those new to them:

    Basically, a giallo is a murder mystery with slasher movie type gore.

  4. The Author: "Choose a weapon He-Man...from my...TABLE OF CONTENTS!!!"

  5. OK, just some quick infos re: martial arts films...

    The quickest way to see a lot of footage from many of the best films is to find a DVD called The Deadliest Art. It's narrated by John Saxon from the Bruce Lee days and is basically a fight compilation with a lot of background info in between. It goes under several names and is quite scarce, so you might want to youtube first (prob terrible quality, though). It covers everything from early Shaw Bros to 80s HK heavy action.

    From the early Shaw Bros catalogue, you can find many newer remasters on DVD (and BD it seems?). You already know about some, so I'll just skip to Chang Cheh. He is known as the most gruesome Shaw Bros. director, often using an escalating array of disturbing/hilarious kills. His opus is Five Element Ninja (AKA Chinese Super Ninja), which released surprisingly late in the game. It's maybe THE single Shaw Bros film to own, especially in high quality if you can find it! It's got plenty of running time, tons of fights, and a massive amount of creativity in staging the fights. On top of that, you get bright red paintblood and slimy red entrails with great frequency. English dub is also great, but only if you can preserve the OAR and find it in HQ. This film has been butchered several times over the years, so only get the Celestial editions.

    Around this same time, samurai exploitation flicks were also being release, so check out The Razor, Baby Cart series, Lady Snowblood, etc..

    From the mid-80s, you need to check out John Woo's early stuff, Ringo Lam, JACKIE!!, etc.. Heroes Shed No Tears, Operation Condor, Dragons Forever (!!!!), Drunken Master II (original version), and lots more. Just keep your eyes out for Jackie, Yuen Biao, Sammo Hung, Richard Norton, Cynthia Rothrock, Donnie Yen, etc.. The famous trio is Jackie, Yuen, and Sammo, who shared training and, later, films.

    More modern Asian MA flicks are hit & miss IMO. Donnie Yen makes some killers still, check out Kill Zone, Flash Point, Ip Man, etc.. Also be sure to seek out other newer Asian action cinema like the Ong Bak series, Raging Phoenix, The Raid (!!), etc..

    Outside of the ever-present Asian scene, we also have some amazingly good indie-ish films being produced in Serbia and other cheap locations. The one to see is Undisputed III: Redemption. Instant classic of MA cinema, but it stays cheezy and funny at the same time. So quotable. If you track down the cast & crew's filmogs from Undisputed III, they will lead you to most of the modern stuff like the new Unisol movies.

    I'm sure I've forgotten a ton, but this is still a good, easy blueprint to get up to speed. Enjoy!!

  6. You guys need Stanley Spadowski for your 18 hour podcast.

  7. I recently found your podcast and am greatly enjoying it. An episode on exploitation films will always interest me. Those are the kind of movies that always succeed in taking me away from the troubles of life.

    I went through a giallo phase around six years ago. I still love the genre, but I have moved on to other cinematic realms. I delved deeply into the genre, wading through quite a bit of dreck in the process, yet still had fun doing it. Even in a poorly made giallo there is usually one scene with a notable stylistic flourish.

    This is my list of the best gialli I watch:

    What Have You Done to Solange? - my favorite giallo, a surprisingly emotional film for the genre

    Deep Red - in my opinion Dario Argento's best film

    Don't Torture a Duckling - an early Lucio Fulci film that I prefer over his later gore films

    The Red Queen Kills Seven Time - a stylish and entertaining giallo. Too bad the recent Arrow Blu-ray release is beyond my budget.

    Blood and Black Lace - the beginning of the genre, a colorful and stylish production from Mario Bava

    The Strange Vice of Mrs. Wardh - director Sergio Martino is very underrated

    I also have an appreciation of the sleazier side of the genre. Strip Nude For Your Killer, made by Burial Ground director Andrea Bianchi, is appropriately titled, shamelessly borrowing genre tropes to an extreme degree.It also stars Edwige Fenech, who is always easy on the eyes. I would also recommend two films starring actor Farley Granger slumming for a paycheck. Amuck! and So Sweet, So Dead are two entertainingly exploitative gialli full of many familiar faces of Italian genre cinema. These include Rosalba Neri, Barbara Bouchet, Femi Benussi, and Sylva Koscina.