Monday, January 2, 2017

F This Movie! 367 - Our Favorite Movies of 2016

Join Patrick, Doug and JB for their annual countdown of the movies they loved most this year.

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  1. Loved the podcast, as usual. Best way to start the year.

    Just FYI, the lead female performance in Everybody Wants Some!! is the daughter of Lea Thompson. She is one of the better parts of Why Him?, which is surprisingly alright.

    1. D'oh! You're right -- Zoey Deutch is Lea Thompson's daughter, not Jennifer Jason Leigh's. Sorry! I thought she was great in EWS.

    2. I was so happy to hear EWS on your list. After spending months reading "it isn't nearly as good as Dazed and Confused" (which either Linklater/marketers set themselves up for with the whole "Spiritual sequel" thing), I'm glad to hear someone else loved it as much as I did. Every rewatch I find myself loving a different character. Last time it was Wyatt Russell's Willoughby.

      I also think Linklater deserves a ton of credit for making such an engaging movie where the biggest amount of conflict is the countdown to class starting. Where Entourage's tendency to solve a problem in the same scene as its introduced is infuriating, EWS somehow makes it charming. Perhaps it's because EWS is much more focused on characters and ideas than plots, or maybe it's because the movie isn't horribly offensive both in its content and it being a movie. Either way, thanks for reaffirming my love.

    3. Doug- Zooey Deutch is also in Dirty Grandpa.

    4. Odd Lea Thompson history: Lea Thompson co-starred in the movie "Howard the Duck" (1986). Lea Thompson's next movie was, "Some Kind of Wonderful" (1987). In 1989, Lea Thompson married that movie's director, Howard Deutch (still married, 2 children).

    5. Yeah Doug so glad you included this one. It's extremely authentic to the college baseball world on and off the field and just so funny, and romantic. Loved errything you said about it

    6. I agree with Doug that it's EWS is a movie that will hopefully be reassessed in the coming years.

  2. "You call my mouth a cup now?" Goddamnitt you guys are funny. I just got reminded of my resolution to comment mid podcast because why the hell not.
    Doug's comment about "the worlds" of Green Room reminded me how well it captured touring life. Although I can say from experience that I would be super skeptical of a gig out in the woods that offered to pay an unknown non headliner more than $50. $300, that's just crazy.

  3. I hope Star Trek Beyond still gets its sequel. I'm no box office wiz, but according to my research (checking Wikipedia), it made a bit more than twice it's budget. I mean, how much does something have to make to warrant a sequel?

    Also, regarding Kubo, I agree 100% it could have done without the taking animal comic relief side-kicks. I love the movie, but without that element I think it would have made it higher on my list.

    1. Didn't they already announce they're making another Trek? With Chris Hemsworth making an appearance, so presumably a time travel plot of some kind.

    2. Did you listen to the episode yet? :)

    3. Now I have. So yeah, I'll go back into my corner.

    4. lol, I'm glad we got that sorted out. :)

  4. Great episode and great choices all around! I think my favorite part of these best of episodes might be Doug's fake choices though haha.
    Here is my top 10 of 2016:
    1. The Neon Demon
    2. Don't Breathe
    3. La La Land
    4. Sing Street
    5. The Witch
    6. The Nice Guys
    7. The Hunt for the wilderpeople
    8. Arrival
    9. 10 Cloverfield Lane
    10. The Invitation

    1. When Neon Demon is #1 on your list, it automatically validates the rest of your list, which is also great.

  5. Great Top Ten lists as always (except Rogue One lol). Here's mine:
    10 - Shin Godzilla
    9 - Raiders!
    8 - The Nice Guys
    7 - Manchester By the Sea
    6 - Swiss Army Man
    5 - The Witch
    4 - Kubo and the Two Strings
    3 - Green Room
    2 - Hell or High Water
    1 - Moonlight

    I also really, really liked Arrival, Don’t Think Twice, Hunt for the Wilderpeople, Star Trek: Beyond, and Weiner

    I enjoyed 10 Cloverfield Lane, Captain America: Civil War, The Conjuring 2, Deadpool, Doctor Strange, Don't Breathe, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, La La Land, Lights Out, The Lobster, Popstar: Never Stop Not Stopping, and Zootopia

    I need to see The Autopsy of Jane Doe, The Edge of Seventeen, Found Footage 3D, The Handmaiden, The Love Witch, and O.J.: Made in America

    I want to see Batman: Return of the Caped Crusaders, Beyond the Gates, The BFG, A Bigger Splash, Christine and Kate Plays Christine, Everybody Wants Some!!, Hail, Caesar!, The Invitation, Lemonade, and Nocturnal Animals

    I need to accept that I’ll probably never watch Midnight Special, The Neon Demon, Pete’s Dragon, Tickled, or Toni Erdmann

    I didn't see them, but I’m not going to count The Founder, A Monster Calls, or Silence as 2016 movies because they don't open wide until 2017, and their limited 2016 releases were so tiny they were literally impossible to watch.

  6. As always a complete joy of an episode. Thanks for consistently being the best podcast on the internet and putting up such a great show with the start of every new year!

    Anyway, here's my Top 10 List for the year! Cheers everyone!

    10. Captain America: Civil War
    9. The Witch
    8. The Shallows
    7. The Trust
    6. Train to Busan
    5. Green Room
    4. 10 Cloverfield Lane
    3. Arrival
    2. Moonlight
    1. Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping

  7. Great listen, guys! Happy New Year!

  8. Well, since everyone else is doing it, and I cave to peer pressure, here is my top 10 of the year

    10.) Green Room
    9.) Kubo and the Two Strings
    8.) Arrival
    7.) Don't Think Twice
    6.) Life, Animated
    5.) The Nice Guys
    4.) Hell or High Water
    3.) Zootopia
    2.) 10 Cloverfield Lane
    1.) La La Land

    Honorable mentions: Sing Street, Deadpool, Fences

  9. Should we be posting our top 10 lists here? I've been chomping at the bit to do it, but I don't want to jump the gun if we should be waiting for the weekend. Everything where we get involved is the stuff I look forward to most, Scary Movie Month, Junesploitation, and this.

  10. Here is a link to the Song Exploder episode on the score to Arrival as well as the latest episode on La La Land.

  11. I've had a crazy busy year with alot of distractions, so I don't think I've really seen enough to do a proper top 10 this year. But as always, you guys put out this episode which is definitely going to enrich my January with some great films. Thanks for all you do and here's to a great year ahead!

  12. Well if everyone else is doing it...

    1. Arrival
    2. Hunt for the Wilderpeople
    3. The Nice Guys
    4. The Neon Demon
    5. Too Late
    6. The Lobster
    7. 10 Cloverfield Lane
    8. Nocturnal Animals
    9. The Invitation
    10. Sing Street

    Potential picks not released in Finland yet: La La Land, Hell or High Water, Moonlight, Swiss Army Man, Moana, Green Room and many more I can't think of right now.

    I left off A Monster Calls since it hasn't come out in the US yet. Otherwise it would've been either number one or number two.

  13. Great show fellas. Had plenty of yours on my list as well. Loved The Handmaiden, La La Land analysis is great and Hail, Caesar I'm so glad made Patrick's list and especially so high!

  14. My list:

    10. Hail Caesar
    9. Green Room
    8. 10 Cloverfield Lane
    7. Hell or High Water
    6. Don’t Breathe
    5. The Nice Guys
    4. Hunt for the Wilderpeople
    3. Weiner
    2. Sing Street
    1. La La Land

    Sing Street and La La Land are just both very much my kind of movies. Weiner I just found completely fascinating that it even got made and released and then stuff kept happening after it was released that continued to make it relevant.

    Looking forward to seeing the Love Witch (VOD and On Demand on March 10th) and The Handmaiden (available Jan 24th).

  15. 10. The Witch
    9. Sireanevada
    8. Hail Ceasar
    7. Arrival
    6. Hell and High Water
    5. Handmaiden
    4. La La Land
    3. Neon Demon
    2. Hunt for the Wilderpeople
    1. The Nice Guys

    Special Mentions 10 Cloverfield Lane, Star Trek Beyond, Green Room

  16. A nearly 3 hour bonanza! Thanks guys!

  17. my top 10. (still haven't seen neon demon, arrival and many others)

    1.The World of Us
    2.Hunt for the Wilderpeople
    4.Midnight Special
    5.Hell or High Water
    8.I Am Not a Serial Killer
    9.Green Room
    10.Don’t Breathe
    10.1.Train to Busan
    10.2.The Autopsy of Jane Doe

  18. Have yet to listen to the episode. Really looking forward to it because who doesn't love lists? I didn't see much this year, but here's what I've got:

    Honorable mention: Fantastic Beasts was fun. Star Trek Beyond was my least favorite of the current series, but I still had a good time. Still don't know if Outlaws and Angels was good or just crazy, but it was definitely something.

    Biggest Disappointment: Green Room. I loved Blue Ruin, but I couldn't get on board with this one. It was fine and I'm glad others liked it.

    10. The Invitation
    9. Don't Think Twice
    8. Finding Dory
    7. Deadpool
    6. 10 Cloverfield Lane
    5. Zootopia
    4. Everybody Wants Some
    3. Hunt for the Wilderpeople
    2. The Nice Guys
    1. Hell or High Water

    Movies with a shot at mixing up the list once I finally see them: Arrival, A Bigger Splash, Doctor Strange
    Don't Breath, The Eagle Huntress, Edge of Seventeen, Embrace of the Serpent, Eye in the Sky, Fences, The Fits, Hail Caesar, Handmaiden, Hush, I Am Not a Serial Killer, In a Valley of Violence, Kubo and the Two Strings, La La Land, The Lobster, Manchester by the Sea, Moana, Moonlight, Neon Demon, OJ: Made in America (if it counts as a movie), Paterson, Pete's Dragon, Rogue One, Sing Street, Sully, many others.

    1. I'm so glad to finally find some one who feels the same way about Green Room as I do.

    2. My main issue with Green Room was an inability to follow what was going on, both with the story and a fair amount of the action. Blue Ruin was a fantastic example of economical exposition (the ol' "show, don't tell" at it's finest), but I felt Green Room took this too far--to the point that for most of the movie I really wasn't sure exactly what was happening, which made it hard to get invested in what the characters were going through. I also have a hard time with movies that place a lot of action in darkness. It may very well be that my vision isn't great (or that I need a new TV), but I had a hard time seeing what was going on in many of those darker scenes.

      All that being said, Green Room still packed a great deal of the intensity and raw, high-consequence, realistic-seeming violence that I appreciated so much in Blue Ruin. Even though I wasn't able to get on board with the movie as much as some others, I'm still looking forward to whatever the director's next project is.

  19. You'd think Doug jokingly naming bad movies to his list would get old after 5 years.......nope.

  20. I'm about two thirds through this one, and will finish it on the way home from work. Really enjoying it - I only caught (get it, caught?) The Lobster last night and I was interested to hear what JB had to say about it, especially in contrast to Adam's great piece written earlier in the year. Right now I'm somewhere between the two, with a dash of Doug in there also. I think the idea is fantastically original and is executed in a way that avoids being too pretentious. I found that I responded far more to the first half and found the second half to lose its way a little bit.

    I think this is a movie that could benefit from repeat viewings, but it's so relentlessly dark and depressing I'm not sure when that urge will occur.

  21. I'm a little surprised Elle didn't make anyone's list. I have to see it again to better understand it, but the first viewing was interesting to say the least. I was engrossed. Thought-provoking, though I don't know what it wants me to think. There were many humorous moments throughout, the characters were great, great dialogue, great acting. Keyword, great.

    1. I've loved Verhoeven's movies in the past, but Elle felt too much to me like the work of an older person trying to stay relevant. That may be an arrogant, dismissive way of putting it, but that's how it struck me. I don't know if the source material is more to blame than the director, but especially the elements related to video games made it feel that way to me. 45 Years seemed like a much more honest treatment of similar material in my eyes.

  22. I'm about to go all "Star Wars nerd" but Rogue One is not based on the line "many bothans died to get us this information." That was to get the code to get the group on to Endor in Return of the Jedi. I'm very disappointed in all of you;)

    1. We'll shit; I'm an idiot. This is why I'm not on the podcast more often!

  23. I have a major concern about this podcast.... not enough GOAT.

    No, but seriously. This episode is one of my favorite pieces of entertainment of the year. So funny. So entertaining. So educational about tons of movies! I couldn't love it more. And Doug, please don't ever stop the fake choices jokes. They will never get old!

  24. 1. Green Room
    2. Arrival
    3. Don't Breath (or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Turkey Baster)
    4. Hush
    5. The Wailing
    6. The Witch
    7. Deadpool
    8. Star Trek Beyond
    9. The Nice Guys
    10. Hell or High Water

    Apologies to 10 Cloverfield Lane, Nocturnal Animals, and In a Valley of Violence.

    Kinda felt like a down year for movies, but it could just be a letdown from an excellent 2015. Either way, big props to Green Room, an instant genre classic that I would probably place in my own Top 50.

  25. I've been saving the show all week, I'm about to go listen to it right now in all of it's glory. I wanted to drop my top 10 before I get too influenced by you guys ;) haha.

    1. Manchester By The Sea - This one hit me in all the right places. It was funny, tragic, and real.

    2. Moana - The most fun I had at the movies all year.

    3. Don't Breathe - Best 'edge of my seat' theater experience of the year.

    4. The Neon Demon - The music, the imagery, beautiful and scary. I couldn't look away or stop thinking about it.

    5. Hell or High Water - Just good ole fashioned fun and I love me some Jeff Bridges.

    6. The Nice Guys - Reminded me of a genre that I once loved, yes it still exists and can be done right, this one is proof.

    7. Zootopia - I really dug the animation and smart dialogue. Disney Animation Studios has caught up with Pixar in many aspects.

    8. Everybody Wants Some! - Everything I could have wanted and more. It hits home for me in a way because I played a lot of baseball growing up and I've always been competitive. I love the way Linklater can capture a time and place without overkilling the nostalgia.

    9. Finding Dory - People were a little down on this one, but I loved it and still enjoy it more than the original 'Finding Nemo' after a 2nd viewing. I also didn't grow up on that movie like most.

    10. Hail Caesar! - How can you not love this movie? It has so much going for it. Thoroughly entertaining and hilarious.

    Honorable Mentions: 11th: 10 Cloverfield Lane - tough call 12th: Green Room - It kicked ass, but I just couldn't make room. Sully - yes I liked Sully, proly the only one here.

    Still need to see: LA LA LAND!!! - for the love of god, please come to my theater already! Might have to road trip!
    Arrival, Doctor Strange, Moonlight, Star Trek Beyond, Star Wars: Rogue One, Fences, Hidden Figures, Kubo and the Two Strings, I'm sure I'm forgetting some, but those are the main ones I want to see still. Okay, I'm ready to listen!!

  26. Yes! Patrick put 'Hail Caesar!' in his top 10! I am not alone! There were so many good movies in the first half of 2016 and then the second half was just terrible until like what? November? You don't see that too often.

  27. Mine

    10. La La Land
    9. Hail Caesar
    8. Moonlight
    7. The Witch
    6. Weiner Dog
    5. Zootopia
    4. 10 Cloverfield Lane
    3. Rogue One
    2. Swiss Army Man
    1. Green Room

  28. I was hoping that I'd get to see La La Land before finishing my list, but that is not going to happen. While I am relatively certain it, or one of a handful of other movies, would have made the list if I didn't live in the middle of nowhere and was unable to see them, I'm going put a contrarian pick in at number 10.

    10. Batman v Superman Extended Cut
    9. Zootopia
    8. Captain America Civil War
    7. Kubo and The Two Strings
    6. Rogue One
    5. Star Trek Beyond
    4. Arrival
    3. Hail, Caesar!
    2. Love & Friendship
    1. The Nice Guys

    1. Much respect for your contrarian pick! The more I watch the extended cut the more I see in it. I contend that it's a very De Palmaesque film.