Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Cinema Bestius: Jaws

What on Earth is there to say about this film that has not been said before?

Jaws’ Three Miracles: Are you kidding? To list all of the greatest things about the best action/adventure movie of all time… you’re going to need a bigger boat.

In nomine Brody, y Hooper, et spiritu Quint… Amen.


  1. Where are we in the count? Started at 50, working up to one. With Jaws, we must be in the single digits?

    1. By my count this is the 44th entry in the series, so #7?

    2. Thanks! Now that we have Jaws, I wonder if movies 6 through 1 will be silent movies from the 30's.

      Kidding JB :)

  2. here i was, with my coffee, expecting to read a great article about a great movie to start my day.

    and BAM! only a few words.

    anyway, good choice.

    i expect everyone here got the dvd and/or blu-ray and watched the great feature length making of by laurent bouzereau? if not, you failed as human beings.

  3. I appreciate your lengthy, intelligent, well constructed assessment of Jaws. :)

  4. JB's face in that picture says everything there is to say about Jaws.