Wednesday, June 17, 2020


Patrick and Adam Riske are hunted for sport.

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  1. As Anthony Hopkins said in Legends Of The Fall...Am Happy.

  2. Well that was an unexpected treat! :)

    Also regarding the oeuvre of one Ernest Dickerson I'd also recommend his 1998 HBO movie Ambushed with Courtney B. Vance, Robert Patrick and Virginia Madsen...

  3. I love Urban Cowboy! Its one my Mom showed me a long time ago and its always been a warm watch.

    The club/bar in the movie you are talking about is GILLEY's. It was THEE Country Western Bar back then, not just in the area but nationwide. It was like the CBGBs of country music. Mickey Gilley was the owner and he was a wild man. In a lot of movies from that era you will see characters wearing Gilley's shirts. Blood Tide, Nashville Girl are two I know for sure.

    There's a really good CMT documentary about the movie and the club called URBAN COWBOY: THE RISE AND FALL of GILLEYs. It basically goes over how the character Travolta played was every single male in the area that worked construction or linemen, etc. Of course everyone in the area thought Travolta couldn't possibly play the part of a blue collar worker after coming off of Saturday Night Fever, and how wrong they were. And how crazy ass rednecks burned it down and gets into dark stuff. Also, Scott Caan is actually a scary person. I cant remember exactly how it went, but he had to take up for other actors because some locals were harassing them. Its a good watch!

  4. As a total Van Damme head my default position was Hard Target being the superior one, but maybe it's time to give this movie another chance. It does fall in line with the Haueraissance I've been going through.