Monday, January 4, 2021


Patrick, JB, and Adam Riske share their favorite movies of a very weird year.

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  1. Terrific podcast gents. Glad that, going forward, Adam 'Is it as good as "Draft Day?'" Riske shall be known as the 'Is it as good as "Love, Lights, Hannukah!?"' guy. :-D I'm posting my Top XX list next Saturday, and the 25-30 new-to-me 2020 flicks I plan to watch between now and then better include this new benchmark of Riske cinema! :-P

    Surprised about the only movie (not gonna spoil it here) that crossed over to all three lists. Been pretty stingy with my 2020 viewings by limiting it to free content, but I might have to break the bank to watch a few rental must-see pics ("Possessor: Uncensored," "Spontaneous," "Jasper Mall," etc.). And considering the competition he was up against at the start of the year, glad to see which gifted director swept the Netflix prestige sweepstakes. :-)

    Again, thanks for keeping our love for good movies sane and rational in a most dangerous year for the lifeblood of the theatrical experience. Looking forward to reading everybody's Top 5/10/etc. Lists throughout the week.

  2. thx for the podcast. I just rented Shithouse, partially because it was Adam's #1, partially because hearing the director was 22 made me real jealous (also being 22) and I had to see what he made. Also the "have you seen the good dinosaur" text felt so specific and funny to me I had to watch it. I really enjoyed it. Personal thoughts/opinion, I sort of felt like the main character would have been more relatable/likable if the psycho was toned down about 70%, I think the way he starts yelling and getting really weird/aggressive was a bit too much for me. The movie doesn't condone it and I guess that was the point but I don't think it really makes him reckon with how weird he was being before they move on to happier moments. Esp the scene when he gets upset about how she slept with another dude and how she does this because she's messed up, like dude you talked to her for a few hours, you don't know her whole life just stop being angry. Posting this here because I'm sure I won't talk to anyone else who has seen it lol. Anyway, there were a bunch of moments that felt very real to me and the like tone/pacing of conversations, and I thought the girl especially felt insanely realistic to the vibe of people I've known/met, his behavior as well felt so realistically awkward. idk. Thanks for bringing that to my attention. A lot of the movie felt so similar to experiences I've had in a way almost no other movies have in terms of randomly spending time with someone and the vibe of college. I'll watch it again before my rental expires prob even tho I accidentally rented the SD version like a simp. I feel like the more I'll think about it the more I'll like it too. I just remembered the great scene in an uber/lyft which is a very real modern interaction/moment to have that just hasn't been in media I've seen.

    My personal top ten in no specific order:
    Birds of Prey
    I'm thinking of ending things

    and that's literally all the 2020 movies I've seen. I just happened to enjoy all of them, which might be a first for any year since the sample was so small lol. Emma and Soul are the only ones I've watched twice (and prob shithouse) so that speaks for itself I guess. I'll try to watch da 5 bloods soon as well.

    Oh by the way, my girlfriend is hyped for Class Action Park after I told her about it, messed up theme parks and that park in particular is like her *thing* and I def wouldn't have known about it if you guys didn't mention it.

  3. Indeed Patrick, this is a great year to see everyone's Top 10 lists having an assortment of movies, instead of the same ones in a different order. Having so many sources for media, allows us to find unexpected good films come from left field.

    I keep forgetting to listen to this year end roundup with a pen in hand to take notes. So many films to add to my list.

  4. This is a first for me - I haven't seen a single movie of those all of you named. While it's normal that I haven't seen some, simply because I didn't know of them before or because it is normal for us to have a release-delay in Germany, I never ever haven't seen at least one. :D

    The problem that Adam and Patrick mention, about being confused if a movie should count for this or the last year, if it only had a "critique release" before rolling out for the masses just after New Year's Eve, is common for us here. While on many american Top 10 lists the classical "oscar-season-movies" are already included, we can watch them here across a stretch from January to April - which I find very nice.

    Thank you for the podcast and the fun times I had with you in this weird thing called 2020.

  5. Just watched S!#%HOUSE for the first time and knew I had to come back here and re-listen to Adam's #1 pick. TOTALLY get it. Movie rules. Great point about being able to see it from both of their sides. When he won't leave her apartment that morning and kept asking about breakfast burritos...