Wednesday, February 17, 2021


Patrick and Jan jack into the future: 1999.


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  1. This is an appropriately deep conversation about this movie, which I've loved as a weird kind of masterpiece since I saw it when I was probably too young. As far as jacking in, I'd be tempted by experiencing what the Free Solo guy went through, but likely feel like I cheated afterwards.

    1. Oh, and I could also hear Jan talk about the phone book for an hour.

    2. Awwww, thanks Will! Both for the compliment, and for the idea I needed to start my OnlyFans.

  2. I do not get to listen as intently as I did several years ago, but I do still listen/read and love every minute.

    Listening to the honesty that clearly comes across as the conversation unfolds makes me sadder that I am unable to keep up (but, don't cry for me...)

    I obviously value the technical analysis, but I will forever be attracted to the relationships that I feel a part of as I listen to the interactions. It is wonderful to listen to people converse when it is obvious they care about each other and value each other's opinions and sensibilities.

    Keep enjoying what you do and keep enjoying the people you do it with.

    Keep on keepin' on