Wednesday, April 7, 2021


Patrick and JB like it when the big monsters fight.

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  1. I enjoyed the movie for what it was, which was an unabashed monster movie. I agree with you Patrick, the human characters were fairly utilitarian and only exist to serve the plot. But I was willing to overlook that, and enjoy the movie for the monster fights.

  2. Really enjoyed the episode this week as always. I encourage everyone to go back and listen to the Godzilla (2014) podcast w/ Patrick, JB, and Adam Riske. I think it is my favorite episode... Also thanks for the shout-out, made my day! #HCCG4Life

  3. I'm glad that Patrick and JB seemed to enjoy this more than they did the previous recent Godzilla/Kong movies. I thought they did a good job initially with Kong in this one, and I was really connecting with him as a character at least in the first half.

    It's always funny how JB is reluctant to reveal spoilers, even when deep into the spoiler section of the movie. I cracked up when he suggested that you do the whole podcast without spoilers at all! Great podcast guys.