Wednesday, May 26, 2021

FTM 586 - UNDERRATED '91 with Brian Saur

Brian Saur (Just the Discs, Pure Cinema) returns to talk with Patrick about 10 movies from 1991 that they'd love to see get more love.

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  1. Having just listened to the action stars podcast, I'm super curious to hear what Tom Cruise fan PB might think of one of my favorite films, Valkyrie. I'm of course massively disappointed in its director for his personal and professional conduct, but that doesn't negate my enjoyment of the film, and there's plenty of secondhand purchase options available that don't pay residuals to him. (Or Cruise, who's also, if we're being honest, more than a little iffy in his racketee- um, religious life...)

  2. Great one! Lots of movies to watch now

  3. About to listen. Throwing out my 5 which I don't think any of them are really under-rated here.

    Dead Again
    If Looks Could Kill
    The Five Heartbeats
    Defending Your Life
    Stone Cold

    1. Great episode. Great lists. Almost had two films in common but I took off Harley for Stone Cold(filmed in my home town bump and pet Iguana bump).

      *Do not watch 5 heartbeats if you do not already have nostalgia for the film. It does seem to have every music biopic trope you can throw in but maybe benefits just a bit by the 5 heartbeats never actually being a real group. Post Walk Hard I can't see anyone watching it for the first time without rolling their eyes so hard it causes them a permanent tick.

  4. ^Dead Again is absolutely bonkers and I love it

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  5. Great ep! All exciting recommendations, thanks y'all.

    I'm sure this has been raised before, but... is there any chance of the "Movies A-Z" page gaining an "Other" or "Miscellaneous" section to gather up all the themed episodes that aren't about a specific movie? Added up, these include so many of the best and most enjoyable F This Movie shows - the year-end material, all the revisited annual Top Ten shows with Erika, and other themed shows I'm forgetting. It'd be great as a listener to be able to get to these easily! Obviously I know it'd be some work putting it together, so no pressure implied - just a fan wanting more stuff to listen to.