Wednesday, August 10, 2022


Patrick and Adam Riske report back from Flashback Weekend 2022 and talk about Peter Jackson's major studio debut.

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  1. As someone who just plunked down $80 to take a photo with Matthew Lillard this weekend, episode hits different. Let the awkwardness ensue!

  2. HAZAAA! i was realllly hoping to hear about your Flashback experience and appreciate it.

    Also a quick THANK YOU to Adam for suggesting the "How NOT to make a movie podcast: the making of bordello of blood". I burned thru it after you referenced on your last podcast and LOVED it. Ironically ive never seen the flick (nor much Tales from the Crypt..need to rectify that) but absolutely enjoyed the open and honest stories about its entire production. Oh..also the not holding back on frustrating details and people. #hot-mic-stallone. THANKS! Actually that brings up a suggestion..

    I think it often happens organically but by all means if y'all (and this goes for the whole F This reporting crew) are ever really digging a movie centric sure to shout it out on the podcasts or video segments....Patricks involvement in other shows has exposed me to some new favs (ie: The Projection Booth). And as one with a long commute, having new podcasts in the quiver is always appreciated.



  3. But, did your friend know his mum was going to take you to Multiplicity? Are you even still friends?
    Come on mate, don't leave us hanging!

    1. I think he might have known but he never confirmed it. We were friends through high school.