Wednesday, February 15, 2023


Patrick and Adam Riske want some room service.

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  1. I listened up to the beginning where the discussion of Johnny Mnemonic began. I had never seen this movie, but starting watching it a couple years ago. Only watched half and never got around to finishing it, and my rental timed out. But now it's on Netflix, so I'm going to watch it properly before finishing the podcast. I've been watching a bunch of 90's action stuff recently, so this will fit right in.

    It was in Drop Zone that Gary Busey forced the other parachuter into the power lines. Great movie! I saw it last Junesploitation for the first time (I think). It was Adam that had recommended it on a podcast.

    I miss having Witherspoon in movies, although it seems she's spending more of her time doing philanthropic work, so I shouldn't complain. Wild (2014) is one of my favourites of the 2010's and a fantastic performance.

    1. Also, We Hate Movies has a Drop Zone episode which is a ton of fun. They secretly love it for all its silliness, which makes for the best episodes.

    2. I rewatched Mnemonic in its entirety, and pretty good movie! Not without its weaknesses but I love Lundgren in this, and the guy that played Ralfi was great too.

      I'm glad that Patrick turned me on to K. Reeves because before listening to Fthismovie I thought I wasn't a fan. Little did I know. It was Man of Tai Chi that really sold me on him, which coincidentally was around the time I started listening to fthismovie. I'm not sure which came first. Fthismovie chicken or the tai chi egg.

      Blank Check didn't like A Life Less Ordinary at all. Disappointing because while kind of weird, I had a lot of fun with it. I miss having Cameron Diaz in movies. I still don't know if her super horrible singing was supposed to be intentional or not (see my previous point about it being weird).

    3. I always thought maybe she's just a terrible singer but then she's on the soundtrack of VANILLA SKY and sings in ANNIE and she sounds good in both so I've got nothing.

    4. Well, then it must have been done for comedic purposes. I mean, it made me chuckle. I laughed a lot during the movie.

      I had seen about half of Boyle's filmography, and am super happy to fill in the holes, as he's a director I've always liked.

  2. Y'all must be psychic...cuz when you were doing Virtuosity i was hoping you'd do this movie at some point..i consider both "movies i was HUGELY stoked for given the sci-fi premise and cast and was super let down by the final product (way moreso with this one)".

    Also..cackling at the Reese Witherspawn riffage. I wonder what other odd romantic comedies she could star in? {dad jokes in 5...4...3...2...

    "Coming summer 2023: Reese stars as rich debutante who's Chihuahua is picked to represent a Taco Bell add campaign. During the filming she falls for a down on his luck Taco Bell employee played by Timothy Chalamete......Title: Yo Quiero Amor. Starring: Reese Witherspork"

    "Coming Fall 2023: A romantic comedy reimagining of The League of Gentleman. Reese leads a group of fictional characters from famous literature against an evil villain played by Sean Connery. Sean brainwashes her into doing his bidding as he says 'HE WHO CONROLS THE WEATHERspoon CONTROLS THE WORLD!' "

    "Coming This Halloween: a terrifying reimagining of E.T. where E.T. returns to earth 25 years later to reconnect with Elliot but finds that Elliot died as a child in prison after being incarcerated for aiding and abiding an alien threat to the earth. ET..enraged...joins forces with a chainsaw wielding Witherspoon (playing a psychotic adult version of Elliots sister Gertie) to take revenge on those that imprisoned him. Together they form a new friendship forged in a trail of body parts......Title: ET 2: Reece's Pieces "

    ill show myself out.