Wednesday, March 1, 2023

FTM 668: THE 1983 SHOW

Patrick and Erika count down their favorite movies of 1983.

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  1. Erika, I feel like I need you to pop up on every future FTM podcast to ask if that's the one with the Ewoks. Just delightful!

    I realized in listening that there are a lot of 1983 movies I actually have not seen, including some of the higher profile ones. This week and this ep made me want to take the rest of the week off work and watch movies! Alas. That probably would be frowned upon.

    1. “Creed III is releasing this weekend? Is that the one with the Ewoks?”

  2. Richard Gere’s Breathless had one of the best edited for TV changes. In the movie, the punk kid at the news stand tells Richard Gere “the silver surfer sucks.” But on TV the kid tells Richard Gere “the Silver surfer. He su- - he’s a jerk.” Funny because of how bad the edit is, and funny because of morality in Ronald Reagan’s 1980s. It’s the perfect movie to double with True Romance.

  3. This episode had the greatest twist since the He-Man action figure contest...

  4. I'm really late in posting this, but just wanted so say I really enjoyed this episode. It's great having Erika on and especially an episode about digging into memories of movies from the past.

  5. Why the walkers from Empire Strikes Back if you're talking 1983 releases?