Saturday, March 11, 2023

Weekend Open Thread


  1. I’ve seen a lot of good stuff lately, including rewatching the despecialized Star Wars trilogy and seeing for the first time: McCabe & Mrs. Miller, Sullivan’s Travels, Ugetsu, and The Killers (1946), with McCabe and the Killers flooring me. Also this week saw the recent flicks Cocaine Bear, Return to Seoul, and The Quiet Girl. Cocaine Bear was way more entertaining than I was expecting but I thought Ray Liotta was unfortunately the weakest link. Return to Seoul made me cry 6 or 7 times, and I teared up in spots at The Quiet Girl. Would recommend both for evenings when you need an emotional touch.

  2. Iʻm kinda watching old Vincent Kartheiser movies right now. The teenager ones, pre-Mad Men. So I watched ALL I WANNA DO (1998) after Patrick and Erikaʻs Patreon show reminded me of it, because itʻs one of my favorite Kirsten Dunst movies. I hadnʻt seen it in years and years. (It holds up!) I forgot thereʻs weird, ultra pretty, 90s heartthrob Vincent Kartheiser in it! What a blast from the past, OMG. I forgot how much I was in love with him back then.

    I canʻt say that I ever liked any of his other films much (although I like him as an actor). The pre-Mad Men ones feel like scripts that me and my friends mightʻve come up with while we were depressed in high school or something. They feel very 90s somehow. In this movie, DANDELION (2004), also starring Taryn Manning, itʻs got Cat Powerʻs song, "I Found A Reason". Wow, also a blast from the past!

    1. If anxiety or depression is a worry for you, think twice about going down memory lane with Cat Power.

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  4. In the week leading up to #FThisMovieFest I pre-gamed with 1983 movies STRANGE BREW (hilarious, eh?), RISKY BUSINESS (weirdly slickly-filmed for a sleazy teen comedy), FIRE AND ICE (slow paced but amazing visuals), OCTOPUSSY (insert clown makeup joke here), VIDEODROME (let's get freaky), and THE RETURN OF CAPTAIN INVINCIBLE (wtf is this movie???).


    SMILE (2022). This is going for the psychological horror thing, and whew. It's dark. Very, very dark.

    SHOWDOWN IN LITTLE TOYKO (1991). This is less of a movie than it is a supercut of various action movie tropes, but it flies by in a quick n' breezy 79 minutes. I got a kick (heh) out of it.

    THE MAN FROM UNCLE (2015). I don't know. The folks I watched it with seemed really into this movie's vibe, but I was just bored. Sorry.

    And I just got back from SCREAM VI (2023). Gut reaction: I didn't enjoy it as much as I did the 2022 one, but there were enough chases, kills, and twists to keep me entertained.

  5. I did not do anythiing last week, so I tried to get into the 1983 spirit this week. It was not a successful attempt, unfortunately. I did finish one film, the Austrian serial killer film ANGST. Though not as disturbing as Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer, Angst offers about as much fun as HENRY does. (Not much.) Definitely a film one has to be in the mood to watch. I started SUDDEN IMPACT but found sleepiness getting in the way of concentrating. It is definitely one that I will finish during the upcoming week. I did not expect a rape/revenge plot with "Dirty" Harry Callahan involved.