Saturday, March 18, 2023

Weekend Open Thread


  1. Yo Gang! Happy Weekend!

    Inside Man (2006; Prime)

    As one who loves both the Heist genre AND Denzel, i have no idea why its taken me this long to discover this movie. Reallllly enjoyed it. Its very contained..could literally be done as a play....but has strong performances across the boards and really draws you into the heist. The finale is pretty unconventional for such flicks and i dug it alot.

  2. I finally got a 4K tv.m, it's gonna be here next week. I also been a bad boy and upgraded a few movies, which i swore i'd never do. Can't wait to watch The Blues Brothers in glorious UHD

    1. Have fun. 4K is the bestiest.

    2. woo hoo Kunider! True Story: the first movie i picked up on DVD was The Blues Brothers. I did this as its my all time favorite movie and was beyond giddy to find that this new format which few people had at that point put out an EXTENDED version of the movie. The best part is i bought the disc before even having a player. I just had to have it. Jump forward to a few months ago when i, too, finally got a 4k tv. My first 4k? The Blues Brothers.

      You're gonna love it! (as for the "im not gonna upgrade movies" hahaha..i made the same pledge...but in the case of 4k, its really worth picking and choosing some favs as its amazing revisiting them in this format)


    3. Blues Brothers has always been on my top 3 movies, so it was a no brainer in this case.

      I'm trying to restrain myself, but there's apparently a sale on amazon, so a bunch of movies are 20$cad. I mean, how can i resist?

  3. A good weekend to everyone.

    Again, this was not a week of much movie action. Many things going on. I did get to mid-1960s exploitation with RED ROSES OF PASSION, a tale of sexual witchcraft helmed by the one and only Joseph Sarno. Sarno was called the "Bergman of 42nd Street" at the time because of his arty tendencies. Red Roses of Passion is vintage Sarno, blending melodrama, good cinematography, and some (artful?) displays of flesh. The restoration by Vinegar Syndrome, watched on Mubi, looked terrific.

    With the demise of TCM Underground to deal with, I was going through Tubi to find films to program my own viewings of obscurities and genre films. There is no shortage of options on there, and I put together a lengthy list. ASSAULT OF THE KILLER BIMBOS and MASSAGE PARLOR MURDERS. Or REFORM SCHOOL GIRLS and THE MONSTER OF SUNSHINE CAMP. So many double features to think about.

  4. Halloween Ends (2022 blu)

    So i typically only post positive reviews on here. Also i know how polarizing this series is as are reboots in general. So, when i say that im pretty sure this is one of the worst sequels to any franchise/reboot ive ever seen, i think my opinion is clear. I understand the choices they made in trying to throw us a Michael apprentice and further f@#k with Laurie Strode, but i loathed them all. Worse is that this is the final outing with Michael and he was barely present..a tacked on quick few kills and final show down? Ugh.

    In the End i think the most disappointing part is that there are some solid ideas and creative moments with the main characters spread thru these three Halloween flicks. I think the premise in part 1 is great (strode family dysfunction, Laurie as a sheltered survivalist, Michael escaping loony bin involving podcasters), for part 2 i realllly liked having Michael face off against larger groups (its different than ever before), and for part 3 having a final tet-a-tet between Laurie and Michael. It could have all been made into ONE decent reboot. A stand alone movie. (which, honestly, the original should have stayed as well). Alas thats not what we got and the finale really suffers as they tried to pad the movie with a completely new premise.

    (PS: One other bit of fan fiction: i think it would have been AMAZING if for Halloween Ends if they OPENED with the kitchen scene between Laurie/Michael and then faded into a story surrounding Silver Shamrock's return)