Wednesday, May 24, 2023


Patrick and Adam Riske report back from an early screening of The Flash and weigh in on the latest entry in the Fast Saga.

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  1. My favorite scene in Fast X is the final scene of the gang sitting around a table drinking coronoas after they just used cars strapped to nuclear missiles to drive the missiles into the villains lair located 5 miles below the oceans surface (i should mention the cars were modified to work underwater). Dom raises a beer to everyone who completely survived, unscratched, and says:

    "I never told you all that outside of being the best driver on the planet, i also review movies online. I write under a pseudonym* on the site 'F This Movie'. And i just want you to know that the 'F' stands for...'Family' " {credits}

    Peace .n. Vroom Vroom!


    (*It turns out that Dom Torretto is almost an exact anagram for Rob DiCristino!!)

    1. (PS: I wrote this entire post before starting the podcast..i just pressed play and Patrick literally referenced corona and family in his opening line...bwhahahahahah!)

    2. Great cast dudes! I VERY much appreciate the extended pre-theme conversation around the state of current films, the
      "middle", and the idea of whether-or-not current films are for us vs looking back. Always appreciate your insights, reviews, thoughts, discussion, and jokes. Speaking of which....cackled at the Major Payne bit.

  2. Word of mouth brought me and friends into Fast Five. What has been a drag [race] with this series is the cast becoming Federal Agents/GI Joe. There's no stakes for any characters. Two characters are killed in Fast X and there's a resurrection, so what stakes are there when someone dies? So, Vince, who had a wife and kid, dies and he stays dead?

    I did enjoy Moma's character, first time the series has felt fun in a long time.The Cipher character has been DOA for the past two films.

  3. And with what movies are now, it's only half a movie, with a cliffhanger. Because movies are tv shows now