Wednesday, May 3, 2023

FTM 676: THE YEAR SO FAR (2023)

Patrick and JB recap the year in movies before the summer season kicks off.

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  1. I watched The Last Of Sheila after you mentioned it a while ago. It's very good

    1. OOOOO i LOVE that flick. Discovered it last year from a podcast discussing favorite mystery movies (i think it was Rian Johnson on The Movies that Made Me?). It was hard to find..i blind bought the dvd..but its honestly one of the best mysteries ive ever seen. Pairs nicely with the original Murder on the Orient Express and Deathtrap.

    2. CORRECTION: the podcast that turned me onto The Last of Shiela was Pure Cinema Podcast with Rian Johnson. Episode title "Mysteries!". Highly suggest it. Ive watched several of the flicks discussed because of it and very much enjoyed them. If you just wanna see the list, i found it here....

  2. Thirteen Lives was one of the most riveting and intensely powerful movies I have ever seen. It is such an amazing story so well told, I had tears streaming down my face for large chunks of this movie. I am convinced if it was released in the pre-streaming era it would have been a huge critical and commercial hit and probably a big Oscar movie (To me it's just as good as Apollo 13 and way better than A Beautiful Mind). Instead, it was dumped to streaming and I feel like no one saw it and no one talks about it, so thank you JB for bringing it up. Also Farrell and Mortensen totally disappear into these amazing characters, some career-best work by both of them. Everyone needs to see this movie!

  3. It sounds like the lady in the lobby extolling the life-changing virtues of 'A Thousand and One' may have had a religious experience... but it's actually not a religious movie at all (and--I imagine, not having seen 'Jesus Revolution'--quite different in tone from 'Jesus Revolution').

    'A Thousand and One' is a very slow burn drama about a woman fresh out of Riker's Island who sneaks her son away from foster care and illegally takes him back into her custody. The lead performance by Teyana Taylor is really fantastic, and the actor who plays the grown up version of her son is also very good. It's not the most exciting movie in the world, and it won't end up on my end-of-year 10 favorite list, but I enjoyed it and think it's worth a watch. Just wanted to properly contextualize the story about lobby lady!

    I'm excited to check out 'Thirteen Lives', which I hadn't heard anything about until this episode (and Matt's comment above).