Thursday, May 18, 2023

Reserved Seating: Gripehouse 2023

The review duo discusses our annual list of movies-related complaints.


  1. Great episode. The occasional "grindhouse" is normal and healthy. They don't have the Alamo Drafthouse in Canada, so I've never been to one, but often hear them being praised online due to their strict "no talking, no phones" policy. But on the other hand, the whole thing with it being a restaurant with food being served, people chomping down, and settling their bill while the movie is playing seems at least as disruptive.

    I'm a real spendthrift, almost never eat out, and only get popcorn when going to the theatre with the kids. And we split one bag between the 3 of us unless we're at the mall theatre with free refills, so we get one bag and refilling it once or twice. So clearly the restaurant/theatre model isn't attractive to me. And honestly, there's hardly any talking or phones in any of the movies I go to anyways. I'm not sure if it's a cultural difference between Canada and the US, or that the stories I read about US theatres are exaggerated. (I also avoid opening weekends, etc. so that's certainly affects my experience). It just seems like the Alamo Drafthouse would be a way worse experience than my usual movie going.

    I too, don't like the word content, but also can't think of a better substitute.

  2. These are interesting gripes! I'm guessing we'll have lots of conversations soon about soulless content thanks to AI. I'm also not sold on Greta Gerwig as a genius director :( But I am sold on Ryan Gosling as a funny guy... Rob is a fantastic reviewer. Very interesting reviews yet no spoilers and I can't even usually tell if he likes or dislikes a film! That's impressive objectivity.