Wednesday, June 7, 2023

FTM 680: MANIAC (1980)

Patrick and Anthony King warned you not to go out tonight.

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  1. With the conversation at the end about being an edgy movie lover, FThisMovie and Bromley's approach to movies was huge in the de-douchefying of my movie taste - of being honest about the movies that really speak to me, of appreciating other people's taste, of recognising the good in flawed movies, of not showing off constantly about what a movie buff I am. That's why FThisMovie will always be precious to me.

  2. Serial killer movie from the POV of the killer, you have the french movie C'est Arrivé Près De Chez Vous (Man Bites Dog)

  3. Listening to the discussion reminded me of a film I watched for Junesploitation a couple of years ago. AROUSED is a 1966 crime drama that has a killer eerily similar to Joe Spinell's character in Maniac. Though there are some small compromises for the exploitation crowd, Aroused is surprisingly gritty for the time.