Saturday, July 8, 2023

Weekend Open Thread


  1. Nimona (2023) is a damn delight of an adaptation of a really excellent novel. It's goofy and funny and heartfelt and I can't recommend it enough; if it wasn't for Past Lives it would be my best of the year so far. Netflix isn't great, obviously, but full credit for them rescuing this from the unfortunate death of Blue Sky.

    Opinions have been all over the place on this one, but I for one thought it was a lot of fun. It was just different enough from the originals and KOTCS to be its own movie.

    "This is not my beautiful house..."

    CAMP ROCK (2009)
    Typical Disney Channel playing-it-safe cheese, set at a rock n' roll summer camp. The romance, the humor, and (worst of all) the music is all watered down past inoffensive and deep into blandness. SCHOOL OF ROCK is the better version of this.

    "How d'you get Capone?"

    I had a great time with this (and not just because it's rather naughty). I can't remember the last time I saw a straight-up comedy on the big screen. Good times.

  3. Guardians of The Galaxy 3. Marvel does what Marvel does, undercut every sentimental or serious moments with a joke. Also, why was Warlock even in this thing?

  4. Hope everyone is enjoying the weekend. The Junesploitation fatigue is still affecting me, but I did watch a few thing this week. I went to the Mahoning Drive-In for AIRPLANE, which I had never seen in its entirety. Needless to say, it was a fun night. It also felt good getting back to the drive-in for the first time in a couple of months.

    Saturday nights are a regular movie-watching period for me. Last night I stuck with Junesploitation to watch some Hong Kong action, IN THE LINE OF DUTY 3 from 1988. I had watched part 2 (Yes, Madam!) last month. Cynthia Khan plays a rookie Hong Kong cop who gets involved in the hunt for Japanese terrorist couple. It delivers big time in the action department, with several thrilling set-pieces and amusing plot twists. The women take center stage throughout much of the film, which I always appreciate. I also appreciated not having to watch a dub.

    The only other thing I saw was re-watch of the 1969 Italian pop-art film Scacco Alla Regina, which was released as The Slave to English audiences. The Mondo Macabro release looks great. The soundtrack, the very '60s fashions and decor, and the overall decadent vibe make this a film I enjoy living in. With the materialism and wealth on display, it is amazing that this came out only a generation after the post-WWII neo-realist films. Italy had changed drastically.