Thursday, September 28, 2023

Reserved Seating: Scary Movie Month Preview

The review duo who gear up for Scary Movie Month!


  1. I've done the wheel thing for the last couple of Scary Movie Months, and will do it this year too. I have a list of movies I'm definitely going to watch, but I also have a wheel with unwatched discs, streaming stuff and belated rewatches, and I'll leave those choices to the wheel.

  2. I... would consider coming all the way from France to your Wishmaster screening. (I'm dead serious)


  3. Recently, I went to Tubi to look at its horror selection and noticed that the browse menu only brings up a small amount of films for each category. I know there is a lot more available than is showing up in the lists, so they may not be very helpful if you do not have a particular title in mind.