Saturday, September 23, 2023

So Many Horror Movies Coming to the Drive-In

by Patrick Bromley
The Drive-In will never die!
Horror fans get spoiled every October, with round-the-clock programing on TV and an uptick of repertory horror screenings in theaters. This year is no exception, in large part thanks to the Authentic Drive-Ins Horrorfest that kicks off today and runs through October across the country.

The only positive I was able to find throughout all of the COVID pandemic was that more people started going to the drive-in, as they were usually the only theaters open and the only way to see movies for many months. They're a great way to see horror movies, not just for the long tradition of the drive-in playing horror movies but also because they combine the sense of community that makes horror movies so fun with a sense of isolation (we're all in our own cars) that makes them scary.

Here's all the info about the Horrorfest, which includes screenings of movies like A Nightmare on Elm Street and Child's Play as well as a drive-in festival hosted by Joe Bob Briggs and Darcy the Mail Girl! From the press release:

To celebrate the 90th Anniversary of Drive-Ins, Authentic Drive-In Theatres across the country present the second annual AUTHENTIC DRIVE-INS HORRORFEST. Participating Authentic Drive-In Theatres will show classic Horror films on the largest movie screens in the country.

HORROR CLASSICS AT AN AUTHENTIC DRIVE-IN THEATRE NEAR YOU! Retrospective Drive-In Horror film series will include a Sat. Sept. 23, 2023 “A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET” Dusk to Dawn show at the Quasar Drive-In featuring the first seven Freddy Krueger ELM STREET classics. To celebrate 45 years of Michael Myers, on October 13-15, the Mahoning Drive-In will present seven HALLOWEEN films including the original classic “John Carpenter’s HALLOWEEN” (1978), all on 35mm!
Screening at Authentic Drive-In Theatres across the country will be Horror classics including William Friedkin’s “THE EXORCIST” (1973), “John Carpenter’s HALLOWEEN” (1978), George A. Romero’s “NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD” (1968), a 35th anniversary screening of “CHILDS PLAY” (1988), a 40th anniversary screening of “THE SLUMBER PARTY MASSACRE” (1983), a 60th anniversary screening of the Herschell Gordon Lewis (“The Godfather of Gore”) splatter classic “BLOOD FEAST” (1963), Universal Monster nights featuring the original B/W classics, “FRIDAY THE 13th” (1980), Sam Raimi’s “THE EVIL DEAD” (1981), the ultimate midnight movie; “THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW” (1975) featuring a live Shadowcast performance, and independent Horror shorts – “Bloody Bites” from Bloody Disgusting & Scotchworthy Productions, and MANY more! Movies and activities will vary according to location.

Continuing the Drive-In Theatre tradition of showmanship, select locations will feature spooky activities including haunted decorations, costume contests, roaming “monsters” for photo-ops, and Horror flea markets selling Horror movie memorabilia. Many Authentic Drive-Ins will also host community “TRUNK or TREAT” events for children and family friendly Halloween-themed movies.
THE 3RD ANNUAL WORLD DRIVE-IN MOVIE FESTIVAL HOSTED BY JOE BOB BRIGGS AND DARCY THE MAIL GIRL AT THE WEST WIND DRIVE-IN LAS VEGAS, NV. A highlight of the Drive-In HorrorFest will be the October 6-8, 2023 3rd annual World Drive-In Movie Festival and Jamboree hosted by Joe Bob Briggs and Darcy the Mail Girl at the West Wind Drive-In Theatre in Las Vegas, Nevada. Roger Corman, the legendary director and producer will be the Jamboree’s guest of honor. Full Moon founder Charles Band will be filming his newest movie on the grounds of the West Wind on Friday! Special screenings will include a Roger Corman Film Festival, the World Drive-In Movie Festival, and a SLEEPAWAY CAMP 40th Birthday Party with a cast and crew reunion of the 1983 cult classic, including star Felissa Rose, followed by a dusk-to-dawn marathon of all four “Sleepaway Camp” movies, hosted by Joe Bob and Darcy. Three days and nights of activities including concerts, vendors, bands, food trucks, hijinks, and a Sunday night sleepover. Joe Bob, Darcy and special guests will be available for autograph signings, meet-and-greets, and photo ops. Info and tickets at
AUTHENTIC DRIVE-INS HORRORFEST is co-sponsored by UDITOA (The United Drive-In Theatre Owners Association) and the website created by Drive-In Theatre owners to allow movie-goers to locate Authentic Drive-Ins near them. Listings of Drive-In movies and show-times are available on the site, along with the latest Drive-In Theatre news. All Authentic Drive-Ins meet an official set of projection, sound, and building standards and are dedicated to preserving the tradition of the Authentic Drive-In Theatre for generations to come.

AUTHENTIC DRIVE-INS HORRORFEST is now playing at a Drive-In Theatre near you. Visit for updates, locations, features, and show-times!

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