Tuesday, January 2, 2024


Patrick, JB, and Adam Riske run down their favorite from a great year for movies.

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  1. High-five, Adam!! Same top two, just flipped! The Holdovers will absolutely be a holiday staple for me. And yes, Japanese Godzilla is best Godzilla (but even within those, Godzilla Minus One is something special).

  2. As always, I loved this show and finding out what your faves were! I was especially happy to hear the love for Iron Claw, a movie I watched on Christmas day that stuck its talons straight into my heart.

    It's super fun to have a movie year where I don't have any idea what will be number one on people's lists, and this year there's less consensus because there are so many solid options!

  3. I love all the modern Godzillas, american and japanese. They are very different, japanese is the destroyer (the atomic bomb), while american is the savior (they dropped the bomb), so what i get from each is different

  4. I'm always excited to listen to the end-of-year shows. The consensus praise, the polite disagreements, the reinforcement to watch things that are still on my list, and the hidden gems I sometimes haven't even heard of--it's all good!

    I watched 67 movies that Letterboxd says came out in 2023 (a number I trust within 2-3 weird festival-release-dated debatables), including 43 in the theater, and all I have to show for it is this real time list of 2023 favorites (sure to change plenty over time):

    1. Polite Society (funny, action-packed, fresh; see it if you haven't!)
    2. The Holdovers (Payne in the Payne zone)
    3. Barbie (so funny I can overlook some imperfections; only 2023 I've rewatched)
    4. Wonka (last minute addition, my most pleasant surprise based on expectation)
    5. The Killer (think I'll find this darkly funnier the more I rewatch it)
    6. Killers of the Flower Moon (another one I'm excited to rewatch)
    7. Oppenheimer (see above; bummed I didn't rewatch in theater)
    8. Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret. (it's possible this is my true sweet/funny champ, and I just have recency bias for The Holdovers)
    9. Air (zero weight, but very fun--just like a good athletic shoe)
    10. Missing (goofy fun thriller edges out 10 other qualified candidates based on my current mood)

    There are too many honorable mentions to ramble on about because I liked a lot more 2023 movies than I didn't.

    1. I wanted to see Polite Society in theaters so much, missed it, and then I totally forgot about it. Thank you for the reminder!

  5. woot! one of my fav podcast drops that i very much look forward to!
    And one of the most dangerous...i have a long drive and (as y'all predicted) i have pencil and notepad handy to jot down suggestions along the way! (swerve swerve)

    As i listened to the initial picks on my drive to work today i realized one reason why i love this episode so much. Its because your lists always feel "real". I look at alot of sites year end best-of to get suggestions but many feel a bit like they have to conform to a specific type of movie...ie: the dramas/oscar-type flicks. With y'all i feel we get a much more wide ranging list. DIG IT.

    Cheers Team!

  6. I promise I will rewatch Priscilla...

  7. Again, so happy to only share 5 movies with Patrick, JB, or Adam. So many more good movies to look forward to.
    My list:
    10. Skinamarink (based on my theater experience and the way it made me feel for those 100 minutes)
    9. Oppenheimer (for all the performances)
    8. Killers of the Flower Moon (for Lily Gladstone)
    7. No Hard Feelings (for Jennifer Lawrence)
    6. Godzilla Minus One (Godzilla is indeed added value)
    5. Bottoms (performances, all the laughs)
    4. Past Lives (for an incredible story and the ending)
    3. Return to Seoul (for Ji-Min Park & the best story of the year)
    2. May December (for the most stunning ensemble performance of the year)
    1. Barbie (for Margo Robbie and America Ferrera and Greta Gerwig…
    It was an almost perfect summer popcorn spectacular that had important things to say and could reach so many different people on different levels. It definitely could have done without the Will Ferrell of it all and been 20 minutes shorter tho.

  8. Still get super hyped for this show every year. Gives me so many good recommendations to catch up on. I think Mission: Impossible might still be my favorite film of the year but I'll readily admit that I have an unhealthy relationship with that franchise. Other than that it's probably Killers of the Flower Moon, but I have alot still to watch.

  9. Watched PRISCILLA on your rec's. Subtle moments of cruelty really hit home with me, and the ending truly showed a wonderful arc in Cailee Spaeny's portrayal of Elvis' closest friend.