Wednesday, January 17, 2024


Patrick and Adam Riske take comfort in knowing they never had a choice.

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  1. About Blackhat Director's Cut: 2 things to know:

    First, it's only a few seconds longer, but a couple of scenes have been moved. Apparently it's the better version

    Second, the directors cut is only in HD, no 4k for it, only the theatrical cut is in 4k

    I bought the set, but didn't have the chance to watch it yet

    1. Thanks for the clarification! Let us know when you get a chance to watch it if the DC is a better film. Can't decide if I want to pull the trigger or not.

    2. Stay tuned for it in the next weekend open thread

    3. Blackhat a pretty polarizing flick from Manns filmography? A few weeks ago i sat down to watch it as it was a gap for me and i know it has its fans. The premise and setup seemed interesting and i loves me some hacker fun but i could NOT connect at all. Even the few action setpieces fell very flat for me. Weird.

    4. It's not anybody's favorite from Mann, but i like it. It's a very flawed movie. I doubt the DC will fix it

    5. FYI: i read some interesting tidbits on the directors cut that state the re-edit flows alot better. looking forward to your review. thanks Kunider!