Saturday, February 10, 2024

Weekend Open Thread


  1. Destroy All Neighbors (2024): the perfect blend of comedy, gore and chaos that I like. The kind of movies that Peter Jackson or Sam Raimi did at the beginning of their career. Also, it's short, 85 minutes, I love it

    Doom (2005): it's trying very hard to be Resident Evil (2002), which is a movie I really like, but it's not it. I kinda like it though. That was a few years before Dwayne Johnson became what he is today, and was still using his stage name The Rock, so what's annoying with him today is not as present in this.

  2. BLADE II (2002) You could argue that the "virtual stuntman" effects haven't aged well, but this movie nonetheless remains a total banger.

    THE MARVELS (2023) I don't know. It's a decent Saturday afternoon time waster. I would have preferred a little more cosmic grandeur and a little less cat comedy, but that's just me.

    DARK SHADOWS (2012) This should have been the ultimate gothic vampire romance, to show those Twilight kids how it's really done. Instead, it's bogged down with goofball comedy and too many side characters and subplots. A missed opportunity.

    PERFECT BLUE (1997) Satoshi Kon goodness!

    THE COLLECTOR (2009) A ripoff of SAW that adds action and chases to the usual deathtraps. It's really grimy and mean-spirited, but good if that's what you're in the mood for.

    BACK TO THE FUTURE PART III (1990) "Far out!"

    FAST X (2023) This one has become quite the punching bag for disappointed fans, but... I'm not feeling any hate for it. It's a dumb but fun action smash-em-up, and I'm fine with that.

  3. Thanksgiving (2023 blu)

    So much fun!!!!!! Eli and Jeff have come up with a wonderful addition to the 80s slasher genre. The inciting incident is so good in both reflecting the horrors of human nature AND setting up a lot of suspects/victims. The villains look rocks (albeit darn close to V for Vendetta). The kills are goreifficly original. Best horror I've seen in a while. Can't wait to see more!!

  4. Ronin (1998): my head is still spinning with all the twists this movie has. Seriously, what a fun movie. It's not always perfect, like the ending sequence could be better, but it's all worth it. Also, I never noticed before, but a lot of bystanders die in that movie

    La cité des enfants perdus (The City of Lost Children, 1995): Jean-Pierre Jeunet and Marc Caro at the top of their game. This movie ooze style and is full of weird and cool ideas, much like their previous collaboration, Delicatessen (1991)

    Superman 3 (1983): I've seen 1 and 2 a hundred times, so it was time to change it up a little. It's not great. It's fun enough, but the behind-the-scenes clearly got in the way. Superman 4 is on deck, and I can't wait to see it. It won't be good, but I'm sure I'll have fun

    American Fiction (2023): it's as good as everybody's saying and I have nothing to add. Just watch it, it's good drama.

    First time watch. Solid movie. I don't understand how he got away with the fabrications for so long. What do fact-checkers do? I guess they might do very differently if they supposed their jobs were to check for mistakes versus to check for lies. Yes, I answered my own question.

    OLIVER TWIST (1948)
    The second David Lean- Charles Dickens movie, which I watched because I liked his first (Great Expectations) so much. The themes in Oliver Twist are not really my thing, though.
    I remember this was the film shown by a famous-y director who came to speak at a nearby university. He showed the first scene, where Oliver's mother is pregnant and struggling to get to shelter, to point out how directing was an art form back in the days, and now we have garbage directing, like by Christopher Nolan. Anyway, everyone's entitled to their opinion but I remember the first scene he showed from Lean's Oliver Twist *is* very beautifully done.

    URBAN COWBOY (1980)
    This movie gets better and better the more I watch it.

    This comedy is ADORABLE. Highly recommend. Judy Holliday plays a tiny shareholder in a big corporation who makes trouble when she starts questioning the board's corruptions at stockholder meetings. It says a lot about class, money, and where wisdom comes from. It looks like Mad Men. Judy Holliday keeps the energy going from start to finish.

  7. With work really eating into my energy this week, I did not get to much this week.

    THE SEX OF ANGELS (1969) on Prime – Three young women take a yacht trip with a naive man to Yugoslavia for a drug experience. Things do not turn out well. Although I enjoyed the soundtrack, the locations and the 1960s vibe, this slice of Italian exploitation is tedious. The film is shot well, however.

    THE SORCERER AND THE WHITE SNAKE (2013) – A Chinese CGI-heavy fantasy that I found decent. The general story is of a female snake demon who falls in love with a human and enters the human world to be with him. There is so much more going on than that, though, which can make the film hard to follow. Jet Li is a demon-hunting Buddhist monk who has numerous battles in some very unconvincing CGI worlds. Those scenes give the film a chance to add some martial arts scenes to the overall spectacle.

    CHEERLEADERS BEACH PARTY (1978) on Prime – With a title like that, I was expecting a dumb movie. It is stupid, but in a fun 1970s exploitation kind of way. After a long week, this mindless film was the kind of undemanding watch I was looking for. When the best players of a college football are being lured away by a bigger school, the cheerleading squad takes it upon themselves to keep them from leaving. Though the antics of the cheerleaders are not without entertainment value. the filmmaking is extremely messy. Definitely mainly for fans of bad 1970s films.