Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Announcing Junesploitation 2024!

by Patrick Bromley
Prepare thyself.

This year marks our 14th year as a site and our 11th year of Junesploitation, our annual celebration of exploitation and genre films. What started as a selfish excuse for me to spend a few weeks watching '70s and '80s grindhouse fare has exploded into a yearly tradition with many, many participants both on our site and on social media. Thank you for that!!
Most of you know the drill by now, but for those of you new to Junesploitation, here's how it works: each day of the month has its own theme, and you're supposed to watch a movie that ties into that theme. How you interpret the connection is entirely up to you, which means if you have no interest in exploitation or genre movies that's ok and you can still join in! If you're not into Sharksploitation movies, just watch Free Willy 2: The Voyage Home on June 10! Not a fan of sleazy revenge movies? Feel free to check out Big Fat Liar on June 3. This month is supposed to be fun -- an excuse to watch movies every day and talk about them with one another. There are no "right" movies to watch. It's participating that gets you in the spirit, not watching a bunch of cheap, violent sleaze. That stuff is just a bonus.

If you do like those kinds of movies, though, or if you're willing to give them a shot, it's super easy to participate in Junesploitation thanks to streaming services. Netflix isn't a ton of help, but Amazon Prime Video and Tubi have a deep library of titles and there are a couple of streaming platforms (like Shudder and Screambox) devoted to just these kinds of movies. A few other streamers have a number of titles you might want to check out this month. And while I rarely advocate watching movies on YouTube, there's a lot of cool and obscure stuff to be found there if you're willing to look. Stay tuned for our annual Junesploitation Primer for help on where to find some good titles, though by now most of you know where to look.

This month is dedicated to the memory of Roger Corman, without whom there would be no Junesploitation. We have several days devoted to his work.
Here is this year's schedule, featuring a several new categories and some returning favorites:

1 - Roger Corman Tribute!
2- Zombies!
3 - Revenge!
4 - Free Space!
5 - ‘90s action!
6 - Paul Naschy!
7 - Buddy Cops!
8 - Kaiju!
9 - Kung Fu!
10 - Sharksploitation!
11 - Italian Horror!
12 - New World!
13 - Ozploitation!
14 - Beach!
15 - Free Space!
16 - Brucesploitation!
17 - Fulci!
18 - Gangsters!
19 - ‘80s Horror!
20 - Blaxploitation!
21 - AIP!
22 - 2000s Action!
23 - Free Space!
24 - Cars!
25 - Vigilantes!
26 - Free Space!
27 - Barbara Steele!
28 - Westerns!
29 - New Horizons!
30 - Slashers!

As always, thanks to Doug for the calendar design!


  1. Hey, we're already planning to watch Piranha on the 1st with the friends. That's a good timing

  2. I’m embarrassed to admit this, but I’ve been waiting months for this post! I’m ridiculously excited. I use this as an excuse to use our giant tube tv / vcr one month out of the year and watch VHS tapes out in the garage. Another year without a Charles Bronson Day, but I’ll just have to use some free spaces for that. And I had a fun Aliens! Double Feature lined up that will either wait until next year or be another free space. And you’re goddamned right I’m gonna fire up my recently purchased from Half Price Books Six Pack VHS for Cars! Day!! Guess I’ll have to dust of the old Twitter machine in 10 days….

    1. One of Roger Corman's early films is Machine Gun Kelly, which starred Charles Bronson back in 1958. It is on Tubi.

  3. This is honestly one of my most anticipated days of every year.

    1. Same. Getting this lineup then planning out the month is... real fun

    2. Planning out a lineup, and then adjusting it when you see mini-reviews from what people are watching, is one of my favourite parts as well. I have a ton of recommendations from the past few years when I starting adding them to a list.

  4. Awesome! Can't wait to see everyone's picks and compare notes!

  5. Replies
    1. I am pleased to see him featured, too.

    2. Its days like "Paul Naschy" day on the Junesploitation calendar that i love the most as he's totally off my radar. Gonna be fun to learn more about his flicks!!!

    3. I'm in the same boat gonna need help from the primer on this one. Total blind spot for me.

  6. Hell yeah! Those are sexy prompts.

  7. Another exciting Junesploitation calendar!

    Definitely some horror connections with the actor choices. A little of Scary Movie Month in June is not a bad thing, but Naschy also ventured beyond horror a bit. Owning quite a few Naschy films, I welcome any opportunity to get to one I have not yet watched. By chance, I have a Barbara Steele film on my TV now (An Angel For Satan).

    The goal this year is to watch as many films from my collection and DVR recordings as possible. The Arrow Gothic Fantastico box set just arrived, perfect for a new watch on Italian horror day. Looking at the list of films made by New Horizons, I realize that I also own some of those.

  8. A question for clarification: For the 2000's Action day, is it films from the first decade of this century or all action films made since 2000?

  9. Thanks so much for this! Looking over Corman's filmography, it seems like a lot of his films fit a lot of these categories. It's going to be fun movie times.

    Bruce Li and Bruce Le sure are hard to google.

    In addition to this site, I'll be posting my Junesploitation goo on BluSky. Join us, won't we?

  10. Which Bruce are we sploitating on the 16th?

    Lee? Willis? Campbell?

    1. Brilliant! LOL.

      Dern? The Shark from Jaws? Almighty? Springstein? Hornsby? Boxleitner?

    2. I'd love a Campbell Bruceploitation but he'd do it himself.
      Bruceploitation has always been the explosion of Bruce Lee clones after his death. There's even a dick The Clones of Bruce Lee on the way

    3. I initially assumed the theme was the Bruce Lee knock-offs that were recently discussed on the pod. Not sure though.

  11. Yay! My favourite month of the year. I can't wait, even though I'm going to be a little more relaxed this year and have fun with it, rather than stressing about watching a movie a day.

    1. Paul: I think I am gonna plan for a couple weekend double or triple features!

  12. Going to need some clarification on New Horizons day.

    1. There is a link to movie suggestions for New Horizon on today's Juneploitation Primer post:

      There are at least a couple on Tubi.

    2. I was looking at this list, too, Joe.