Wednesday, May 1, 2024


Patrick and JB are going to need a bigger podcast.

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  1. I don't know if you follow the guy, but Patrick H Willems did an interesting video on the youtube machine about Jaws, a couple of weeks ago. He's trying to figure out what if the shark had worked as intended

    1. It's only a "machine" to twee, one-joke posers.

    2. Thanks Kunider for the link!

      Edw: totally a free speech place however as your comment appears outwardly malicious in intent, please allow me to retort: #1: the verbiage of adding "machine" to something is not uncommon for one of the F this crew, its fun! #2: "twee" is defined as "affectedly or excessively dainty, delicate, cute, or quaint" so while you probably thought you were being insulting, im ok with the use of quaint (heck thats darn close to quint!). #3: "one-joke posers" is not only uncalled for, it doesnt actually even verbally work...your response was to a comment trying to inform folks of a link..thats it..its not presented as a joke nor an attempt to pose in any fashion? In conclusion...may i suggest that if you do plan on trying to formulate random unnecessary hateful comments that....ahem...."You're going to need a bigger thesaurus?"

    3. Full disclosure: I am twee; I am fully twee. However, I possess more than a half a dozen jokes. I enjoy placing “machine” after everything to make me sound older. Because I am sincerely old, I am no poser.

  2. Great cast as always sirs!

    As you point out, bringing new fodder to the Jaws discussion is a bit of a bridge too far. That being said, ive thought about this movie a lot..for a long time..and i think the following...

    Jaws is undeniable. It is a masterpiece. It is everything ever said about it and more. And to me, one of its greatest strengths is its ability to represent SO much thru multiple viewings. Seeing it as a child, as we all should, its just pure monster horror. Nothing more, nothing less, a perfect scaring machine. As one gets older and revisits we start to realize that its not the shark we are coming for..its the heros journey. Then as we get older we start to realize how incredible every one of the main characters is, and is written as a "type", and how each evolves and works together through their "types" strengths and weaknesses. And for we movie nerds the movie starts us as a gateway for spielberg and rewards those who want to dig deeper with incredible movie making stories via documentaries and books. Finally there is the Indianapolis. Potentially the greatest scene in cinema history nestled within a perfect movie. Its...everything.

    Peace and "a whaaaaaaat?"