Wednesday, May 29, 2024


Patrick and Anthony King get to the bottom of the worst Planet of the Apes movie.

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  1. Yes, Riddle of Fire is very good. I mentioned it a couple of weeks ago in the weekend thread. I grew up in this king of kid/family movie, we had a production company who was specialising in this kind of movie, but a bit less violent maybe 😁

    Rampart is very good, but i didn't care about the ending, where it just stops, almost like somebody just ejected the disc mid-scene

  2. in a weird "great minds think alike" situation, the Screen Drafts podcast just dropped its Planet of the Apes Super Mega Draft. Just started spinning...solid listen!

    1. Yeah! This week has been an absolute treat, with Ftm, the Screen Drafts, and We Hate Movies also doing an episode of Beneath the Planet of the Apes (it was more of a We Love Movies episode).

    2. The guys on Screen Drafts don't like Hudson Hawk and Only God Forgives. I don't think i can listen to this anymore, they're not credible 🤣

  3. Oh Anthony, you really should treat yourself and watch Das Boot. Make sure to watch the 3h28m director's cut. There was a theatrical version that cut out much of the drama, which is integral to the magic of this movie.

    I really like Ron Howard, but I seem have seen mostly his hits, and missed his misses. Rush was great (Hemsworth has charisma in spades), and 2022's Thirteen Lives was really well done too (most movies would have focused nearly entirely on the American cast, but many Thai actors get to shine in it as well). I also liked In the Heart of the Sea, but I'm a sucker for boat movies.

    Four Brothers was a role tailor made for Wahlberg. Great podcast guys! 2 days until Junesploitation!

  4. Anthony King mentioned razorblade suitcase by Bush. Produced by Chicago's own, Steve Albini, who passed away 2 weeks ago , RIP.

  5. Fun show as always! Anthony, I'm glad you checked out Rampart and liked it. :) And hurray for finally catching up with Fear, which is so much fun.

    Patrick, I love that you somehow find the redeeming qualities even in movies most of us have written off. I don't think I'll be revisiting Burton's Apes, but hearing you guys talk about it made me wonder if I'd been too hard on it back in the day.