Wednesday, June 12, 2024


Patrick and Rosalie talk about Suburbia (1983) and Rock 'n Roll High School for Junesploitation New World day.

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  1. It was not something intentional, but my drive-in double feature -courtesy of Tubi- showcases the work of the two women Roger Corman gave an opportunity to. This is actually my second Barbara Peeters film this June.

    THE STUDENT NURSES (1970, dir. Stephanie Rothman)

    This is one the early hits of New World Pictures and, in a small way, a time capsule of the period. Four student nurses at the end of their studies experience the reality of the medical profession while exploring relationships. The story structure is very loose, allowing the film to randomly follow their (mis)adventures. This being an exploitation picture, the actresses take off their clothes at certain points. The characters they play also change, giving the film more of a dramatic arc than is common with this type of movie-making. Entertaining but ultimately forgettable.

    SUMMER SCHOOL TEACHERS (1975, dir. Barbara Peeters)

    B-movie silliness that has no pretenses to doing anything else except aim to entertain. Three attractive teachers from the American Mid-West go to California to teach summer school… at the same school. One tries to form a girl’s football team, another encourages her photography students to explore “obscene” subjects, and the third gets involved with a juvenile delinquent student. Although the hijinks everyone gets up to does not create a coherent story, it means there is always something happening. Among the cast, Candice Rialson stands out with her energetic performance as the physical education teacher. Her verbal jousting with the sexist football coach (Dick Miller) is one of the highlights of the film. There is also a scene with two old ladies spying on a neighbor’s date that is funny. I had fun with Summer School Teachers.

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  3. Henry Rollins was in Bas Boys 2 also 😁

  4. This week's pod led me to a really good Spheeris profile in the LA Times from 2022. Her fondness (and yours) for Suburbia makes me want to watch it again. I was underwhelmed when I saw it as a teenager, but I think it was a case of VHS on tiny tv.