Thursday, July 4, 2024

Reserved Seating: July 2024 Mailbag

The review duo who answer your burning summer questions.


  1. I don't know if you follow Patrick H Willems on youtube, but last year he made a video about how baseball is the best sport for movies

  2. When I think of Cary Grant I think: charming, crazy handsome and fit, well spoken, and very flipping funny. But funny in a thoughtful way.

    I think we’ve had two actors who wanted to be the Cary Grant of this generation.
    George Clooney was close but is too low energy to have made something like Bringing Up Baby. I think Bradley Cooper would like to be thought of as CG too but is too smarmy in his charm and a little bit too self-serious.

    I think Glen Powell has the potential to be the best fit and I’m excited to see what his career brings in the years to come.
    Great episode. Loved Mean Rob re: SS. Keep swinging. Happy Fourth.