Friday, May 14, 2010

F This Movie! - Avatar

For the inaugural F This Movie! Podcast, Patrick and Doug sit down to discuss James Cameron's Avatar, the future of 3-D movies, the effects of bad dialogue on a $500-million "experience" and Lukes both Perry and Wilson.

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  1. Having just watched Avatar again last night and discovering your podcast today I was pleased to hear your insights on the film. A lot of which echoed my own thoughts while watching it again and revealing other insights I felt were spot on. As far as other films I genuinely disliked but grew to appreciate; I remember in 2012 I was really annoyed with both Skyfall and The Dark Knight Rises, two films I eagerly anticipated. I thought they showed much ambition and style but failed too often in thoughtlessness where story and character were concerned. But something about them stuck with me and I had to revisit. Since then I can appreciate them for the grandiose spectacles that they are and look past their shortcomings much like your opinions on Avatar. As for a film I really enjoyed in the theater but realized how awful it was; I do agree with the phenomenon of seeing a bad comedy in a theater. I saw Weekend At Bernie's II opening weekend with a near sold-out crowd and I've yet to share such a solidly enthusiastic response with an audience since. I tried watching it again on home video and found it very hard to get through. Anyway, very much enjoyed the podcast. I look forward to catching up!

  2. I decided to go way back and start listening to your podcasts from the very beginning. One thing that struck me immediately: you've really cut down on unapologetic burping since the early days. Clearly those were more innocent times.