Friday, May 14, 2010

F This Movie! - Young Guns

Patrick is joined by Mike Pomaro for a discussion of 1988's Young Guns, the Brat Pack, the current state of the western genre and the merits of Firehouse's "Don't Treat Me Bad."

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Also discussed this episode: True Grit (1969)


  1. hey dog,did you see the size of that chicken!

  2. I know it's not technically a movie, instead a miniseries or whatever, but Lonesome Dove is by far the best Western to come out in the last 30 years. (With the disclaimer that I haven't seen Unforgiven.) It probably ranks up there in the top 5 of all time best Westerns.

  3. If i had to rate thr movie Young Guns i would give it a ten out of ten one of the best western movies i have ever seen since the Magnificent Seven

  4. Episode 2: Young Guns

    First appearance of Mike Pomaro

    Highlight: 32:24 mins in - Discussing Bon Jovi's song for Young Guns II eventually leads to Mike's admission that FireHouse used to be one of his favorite bands.